Creating Email Template is fun and lets your creativity comes out. Most of the organizations tend to use the same email Header and Footer.

We strongly suggest in every email marketing campaign to create templates that are saved in your editor and it will take a shorter time to design your email campaigns.

You can create and save an unlimited number of Templates which can be used in different ways.

For example, Taximail made Templates for special occasions and festivals for you that can be modified.

You can also design your own email campaign with your own style and creative touch. 

Enjoy creating your personalized email templates using Taximail.


Also if you want to drive revenue and result in your email marketing you must handle with email design and especially with HTML to ensure that your email looks perfect read and opened in the different email clients.

Here are the following tips to help you design an HTML email marketing

The email should contain not more than 650 pixels wide and a layout with at least 1 column to be readable on mobile where most of the recipients use nowadays. Do not use more than 3 columns.

Integrate you Call to Action in the header because the subscribers can easily see the top of the email. People are usually read their email on mobile and will not scroll down to see your button. Also, It will motivate them to act quickly and the call to action should be visible and large. It should be at least 40x40 pixels to let the reader easily engage with you. You can repeat your call to action at the bottom of your email campaign.

Avoid using hyperlinks and prefer to replace them with buttons.

The most efficient email marketing sent are those having a link between the subject line, the header and the content. They have to be linked to each other by providing a bit of information with the previous element.

Pick Fonts the are easy to read and clear. Most of the people will skip your email if the font size is too small. Don’t try to use others fonts than the usual such as Verdana, Georgia, Arial etc. Use at minimum 13 to 14 pixels for text and 20 to 22 pixels for titles. It’ll make your email more readable. 

The emails clients block the images you embed in your email marketing until the recipients allow to display the images since the content on mobile will load slower than PCs. Use responsive and smaller images to not lose subscribers due to low loading time. 

The headlines and the content will encourage this recipient to show them.

So you can embed alt-tags which let you display your images even they're disabled.

The reader's attention is more important on the images than in the text.

You should embed your images on the left because it’ll be the first thing they’ll see.

When the subscribers are convinced to show the image, try to optimize them for output without reducing them so much.

Limit your topic to not more than 3 subject lines to maximize your subscriber's answer.

Be aware when you use images in the background because the majority of Email Clients don't support them as well as photos, patterns, or any type of archive which need an image file.

Keep your email marketing short, precise and direct to make your subscribers click through in the email. Of course, in some cases, you will not have enough space for all the email newsletter content on mobile so include only the most important.

Anyway, you have your landing page to make them understand your main message.

Once they are on the landing page it will give them a better understanding of your email.

Make sure that your email is mobile responsive because most subscribers are reading their emails on their smartphones than desktop. 

Input an unsubscribe link since you don’t want to send emails to the people who don’t want hear from you. It usually appears in below the footer. 

In order to achieve a great layout prefer using tables than using divs and floats.

Make your code well commented. It’ll make easier an editing template explaining why a particular element or style was used.

handle with email file that’s not over 100KB. It will help you pass more spa filter and stop Gmail crop your email. To keep this size limit, remove unused styles, content to the landing page or reduce your code before sending it out. 

Don’t use flash, javascript, and other CSS or complex HTML. Javascript is totally unsupported in emails clients. CSS3 and HTML5 are limited support, Regardless test before send or use this codes.

Test everything! Each email client has different requirements. Outlook can be a good test reference for your tests (20017, 2010, 2013 and 2016). Taximail helps you to test by providing email preview for the most popular email clients and device.

Overall, it may be said......

Make your Email Design Interactive with useful videos, content or content slider. This is more engaging for the readers and you’ll get better conversion rate. Integrate the ''view browser'' link.

Most e-mail programs do not support when you display Flash and JavaScript in email marketing, however, if you want to use movies we recommend you to create a GIF file.


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Jibi is the Head of Design in Taximail with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She checks the quality of output for all creative works with her hands-on approach to help the team with concept development. She has strong skills in UI/UX design for websites, apps on the desktop and mobile. Hand embroidery, drawing, and handmade crafts interest her. Passionate about cooking and discovering a new dish.

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