You can write the best email copy write you will have any added value if you don’t include a call to action.


Figure out about email click-through rates

The latest email benchmark demonstrated you have 1 chance by 5 to get your email opened then after your recipients have opened it you get 1 chance by 10 they click on the link you put inside.

The average of CTR is between 2-4% depending on your content and what kind of Email Marketing you’re sending. Some newsletter can get over 20%.

Now let’s see how to improve your offer ad CTA writing




Write your CTA first

Think about writing your CTA with the suitable offer first. For example, writing 1 or 2 sentences directly before your CTA:


By writing the conclusion first you will be able to know where your email copy should lead and help you writing your headlines as well.

Basically, the recipient should be able to answers easily in 3 questions:

  • What are you offering?
  • What return are you expecting?
  • What should I do?

Let’s see in detail these questions




What are you offering?


Whatever you're offering to your customers just be honest giving them what they are expecting from you. If you promise to give free ebooks just do it. You will get a better conversion rate.

Also, you should find ways to integrate these convincing words in your call to action: You, Bonus, Free, Because, New and Instantly 

You should recap what your prospect will get your offer by clicking on the button as in this example:


We can see clearly what you can get if you click on this call to action. There are no surprises and we know what to expect: I can choose different plans and I have different options as well.




What return are you expecting?

Have you ever clicked on a ‘’free offer’ just to find out what does that mean free for the sender?

Finally, you quickly realized that was a lie and you still have to overpay shipping fees for example.

Before considering click on the button I should get information about the price or the conditions.


In this example below, we can get what you’ll get. Regardless the words are important ‘’Register’’ or ‘’Book’’ means that you’ll provide contact information. ‘’Check out’’ or ‘’Read’’ means you’ll give time and attention.




What should I do?

You should help your customers to show what they have to do in order to not get them confused or waste their times in answering questions such as Where can I buy your product? or How I can get this ebook?

The recipients should know what they have to do and they should be able to get quickly what kind of email they are receiving such as e-commerce offer or a form however sometimes you have to provide some details like this:


This is important to make your recipients know what’s gonna happen after they click on the button. It lets you build trust by being clear on your purposes.




Build a good email copy

Choose the words carefully writing your CTA. Don’t be generic writing CTA like ‘’Download’’ or ‘’Click here’’. Just be specific!

Write instead your CTA as if you were a potential customer or the reader and don’t forget to build them with empathy. You can use a personal pronoun like ‘’I’’ or ‘’me’’ as in this example:





Revise your email copy and your call to action test it with friends, colleagues or run AB Testing with a sample of your audience. You can calculate a click rate on the button with this formula 

CTA click rate = CTA click / Total visitors on the page where the CTA is put.


Remember that the CTA is the most important element of email to get your email clicked.



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