In this articles, we will relate the recent important updates from Gmail and some tips to deliver your email marketing inbox.

Gmail is one of the most famous email clients. It’s used by over 1 billions users worldwide from the last statistics in February 2016. Gmail is also the first application in the Google Play Store. 

Now the users can block email from unwanted senders via the menu “Block sender” by a simple click on the menu.  Before this, a recipient must click “Report spam” or “Unsubscribe” or set the filter for unwanted emails. This sounds a bit complex but let me walk you through.

The feature is activated over time someone clicks on the “block sender’ to create a new Gmail filter.  The emails of the sender will be kept in the Spam folder. That will leave you the filter buttons to blocked addresses.

Once you are blocked it doesn’t mean that you won’t reach the mailbox, not unless the recipient click “Report spam”, you will not reach the email inbox.

Unlike the Report spam, the Gmail will save sender and IP address of the sender to recognize suspicious emails and if someone pressed Report spam through in Gmail, it will bounce (Bounce) for all future emails.




For marketers, this feature is something new and less work for the customer.

So, try asking yourself the essential questions for your email campaign.

If you can answer the questions above, the rest is just a few simple steps.

  • Always check the contents before sending it and think about how it’s beneficial to the recipient.
  • Include a link at the end of each email that the recipient can easily unsubscribe.
  • Update your email list by excluding the "People who don't want to be notified". 

This is a feature that allows them to Block sender will not impact your marketing because your customers will not have to use it on your blog.




Another great update from Gmail is now your account is able to send and receive emails with a bigger attachment. it means you are able to receive or send an email with attachments up to 50 MB that contains more photos, documents, and files. 

However, you will be able to Upload attachment files in your Email that don’t excess 25MB per file.

Gmail has re-organized the inbox of the recipient by splitting their inbox in different tab: Primary folder and Promotions tabs. Most of the marketers got worried when Gmail released this new inbox organization.

It will determine with their complex algorithm considering sender information, content and subscriber engagement. Email marketing and bulk emails have a higher chance to land in promotion tabs. 

Studies demonstrate that recipient use this ‘’Promotions tabs’’ it even increases the open rate, reduce the spam complaints and improve the deliverability. Also, this news tabs organization is optional and let the subscribers disable it and many people do it.

However, if you are looking for increase your email marketing delivery in the primary folder you can follow this tips:


Be careful with Email Blast

Gmail is sensitive when marketer email blast an entire list. it marks them as spam or promotional email. Even if your email service allows you to split the email marketing sending it’s not gonna be good enough to ensure the whole delivery. 

The solution might be to trigger each individual email of your audience. For example, when they take an action like subscribing to a newsletter, making a purchase or login to their account. 

Finally, the idea is to turn email marketing into a transactional email. 




Think about plain text emails

If you really want to land in the Gmail primary folder, you should forget to send your Beautiful design HTML email cause Gmail will determine if it's sent by human or automated. Your email code should be seen as if you type it in an email client and not created by an email marketing designer. 

The great way is to send plain text emails or plain HTML emails. that means no images, minimal links an no CSS.




Personalize as much as you can

Don’t use only Hi {name} but think about personalizing also your content. it will improve Gmail requirements and also your click and open rates.

  • Personalize the subject line adding recipient name and any contextual data  
  • Provide a unique email body that fit the recipient. In the case of transactional email try to find relevant information to the transaction.




Ask for getting in their Google contact

yes, it’s right most of the recipient may not do it however you can write a message in the footer requesting them to do the following actions:

You can ask to add your email address to their Google contact list to get automatically your email in the primary folder.

or Move manually your email to the primary folder then your future emails would be moved to this folder.


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