The use of the custom field in your marketing campaign is more efficient in gathering important data from your leads. This will help you understand more about your customer's needs and maximize sales. By this, you can tailor and Personalised Marketing Campaigns that you will send out to improve conversion.


One of the most useful features in Taximail is the custom field creation using your e-commerce data. You can specify the type of data that you will need in the custom field based on what you are looking for. You have to balance between information gathering and lead satisfaction.


You can add data such as name, email address, currency, date of birth, gender, hobbies, favorite food, job title and the list goes on. This is a great way to sort and keep in touch with your subscribers.

 You can run our custom fields feature in Taximail by Determining Segmentation Criteria in order to identify each customer. This is the easiest way to search for list or group of people you want to send an email campaign.

For an instance, you want to send a promotion to those on your list who will have a birthday the day after tomorrow. You can simply customize the segmented list to that value and send a “Happy Birthday email that you can include a special offer to your customers.


What are the best practices for using custom fields?

A.) Avoid the clutter of putting a lot of fields. Make a balance between the number of custom fields you set up. Only set up the necessary fields that will help you with your segmentation of leads.

B.) Use the field for the right job as the use of picklist available standard data or input field where they can type a single answer.

C.) Use the custom fields where you need them. Get the important data such as age, gender, interest, hobbies and so on. The data must be guided by your services.

D.) Check the data you get to see the performance of the custom field.
This will help you determine the custom fields that work and remove those that do not add value to your business and data performance on your lead capture forms.




What are the benefits of using custom fields?

Marketers know that segmenting is an important part of email marketing. You know that the visitors are not the same and you should target them with the relevant content. Customizing the custom fields is to better understand the customers and know which type of email to send.

The email database is made up of contacts who are on different stages of interacting with your business. Some of the leads are coming for the first time while others may want to shift from a competitor to you. These types of leads need different content.

Having segmented your leads you will have Better Open Rate. The more you interact with the relevant content the more trust they will feel towards your business. They will be most likely to try a trial or start a membership.

Taximail custom fields are easy to use and you can add the fields that are relevant to your business and data gathering to be able to segment your subscribers.

During a recursive email marketing campaign, you may use the segmentation and custom field as well.

We encourage our customers to use the personalization feature to create valuable content for your audience and increase their commitment.

What a better way to enhance your email marketing campaign using the custom fields. We cannot stress enough the advantage of improving your open rates and sales when you send the right email to the right audience.


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