Email marketing is one great choice for any marketers. An email is also a communication tool of choice in the digital era. Over 3.7 billion email users around the world have email accounts. Compared to Facebook has 2 billion users. So if you got a message, news or product to share email is the best way to do it.


There are lots of marketers who want to do email marketing. The thing is when you start email marketing it can be complex and time-consuming.


If you have an email list assuming, you can send an email right away and it’s unlikely to prove a success.

To improve your chances of success, it is a good idea to make an Email Marketing Plan.

Having a concrete plan you’ll know who you’re emailing, why you are emailing them and what you should include in achieving your marketing goals.

Strategize to grow your email list and brand awareness to educate your audience.

To implement your email marketing plan, you’ll need to have an email marketing platform like Taximail.

Why is this essential?

First, using a software allows you to comply with the Anti-Spam laws.

Second, it makes the process of sending out high volume emails fast and easier.

Third, there are ready, available and responsive email templates that you can choose from.

When you use Taximail, you don’t need to be a tech-savvy to learn and make your first email. The platform is simple and easy to understand for newbies.

Are you ready to create your email marketing plan? Let’s get it going!


Step 1: Know Your Purpose

Starting a list can be pretty daunting but before you grow your email list and sent out emails, you need to know why you are starting to use email for marketing.

Get to know the “Why’s” of email marketing for various businesses and organizations.


  • A media company is more likely to generate page views for their content.
  • Discount retailers make money by sending in volume. Their goals are to drive sales.
  • A local business wants to establish rapport with their potential customers. They want to be the local go-to place of choice for their customer's needs.
  • Boutiques aimed to make the customers feel special like they are part of something unique. This is the tailored services and personalized.
  • Bloggers or writers could use email to build a herd of loyal readers.
  • Non-profits goals of using email are to raise funds for their charity works. Also, news of any fundraising events and volunteering activities.

When you get a clear path on your “Why” you can develop an effective marketing strategy.




Step 2: Who do you want to write?

The next step is to decide who your email is for. Everyone is not applicable to emails. The more you specify Email target audience, better the Email Engagement you will get


  • Media company knows their reader's age bracket and education. So, they can determine the content of their email and it would resonate with the audience.
  • Discount retailers can target busy moms who want to make their household budget favorably.
  • Small local business like coffeeshop target students and office workers with their budget meals and drinks.
  • Luxury retailers can offer top-end brands with a fraction of discount from the original price for those style-conscious people.
  • Bloggers and writers can write how to travel on a budget for those people on a tight budget.
  • Non-profits researches on cancer awareness and cure. They can reach out to the cancer patients, families and friends.

The more you understand the people you are writing to, the better the emails that you will be sending. Emails are a great way to build a relationship with your audience and only possible if you are on the same page.



Step 3: Grow your list

Now that you know who is on your list and why you’re sending them an email. It’s about time to start growing your list.

Whats the best way to Grow an Email List? Incentive and other perks for those who will sign up.

This can be simple by informing then what they’ll get when they sign up for your list. For an instance, the cancer research from a non-profit might have a sign-up page that says “ Sign up to our email list to receive inspiring stories of people who survived cancer. The more specific you will tell people what they get on your list is the more sign-ups you will get.

Whatever incentive you will offer should be targeted to the ideal readers. It should be relevant and with Wow factor.
People value the privacy of their email. They will only give their email once the offer is “Irresistible”.




Step 4: Content Strategy

You have already build your list. The next you step is knowing what you will write about.

The email should be relevant to the list that you have created and would bring value to your readers. That’s the only way you’ll turn loyal readers to open your email.

If you don’t have ideas conduct a short survey or competitors analysis. You can sign up an email list of your competitors and see the types of emails that they are sending and type of content they include. You will have an idea of what works and what doesn’t.

You also have to develop a content strategy deciding whether you’ll send a plain text or HTML emails. HTML is image-rich and allow you to build brand recognition by including your Logo and other visual cues. Plain text looks more personal and is good for relationship building.




Step 5: Set a sending schedule

Now that you have a flow going. It’s time to set up the Schedule of email campaign and time. You have to decide how often you wish to send out relevant emails. 

Well, it will all depend on the resources that you’ve got to create an email and the goals you set for your emails. Then you can see whether you want to send on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Now, that you know the behavior of your list you can determine an email that goes out to them.

  • Daily email creates an extremely strong bond with your readers. This can be a one on one micro effort that would drive loyalty from your readers. It can also be overwhelming and they might hit unsubscribe. You have to evaluate things when you use this daily approach.
  • Weekday emails are regular and they will anticipate hearing from you every week with the good news and other exciting offers. They are most likely to engage.
  • Monthly this is a solid choice if you want to make your emails more valuable. This is ideal for newsletters. You can make a promo code to go with it. The issue is that you are most monthly emails can get lost in the readers busy inboxes and you’re likely to get noticed. When you decide you have to make it fit with the business that you offer and tailor it according to your subscribers.

If you are a clothing seller, it would be prudent to make a weekly news of the latest trends to grow your list and sales.



Step 6: Final Touches

Write a very good email that is personalized like you are reaching a person on a personal level. They would feel the importance and relevance of your message. Proofread your email or let someone else read it. Check your spelling for any typo errors.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to send out an email, you must try an Email software. You’ll be on the right side of the law.

Most significant in building a wider audience and growing more of your list with your targeted email campaigns.

The more you spend time sending out emails, you will know what works and what doesn’t work over time.

You will certainly know how to polish and tweak your contents to fit your audience.


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