There are different techniques used by retailers to make subscribers signup to their newsletter. Below we’re gonna see what kind of strategy they’re using to get success in email signup

Globally, retailers use this leverages to perform:

  • Target customers
  • Placement page
  • Be visible
  • Timing delivery
  • Offer
  • Copy
  • Simplicity




Target customers

You probably know already this rule: right offer, right time, right place.

Consider an email signup as a targeted advert. Use data you know about your visitor such as the device used to consult your page, location or page context to make your offer pertinent.

Most marketers use Marketing Online Strategy to convert visitors into the website. These strategies don't treat every visitors in the same ways since they all behave differently.




Placement page

The footer

This is the default placement for most of the website. It can change according to the style, wording, shape or size.

We can get 2 types: first a text link or a CTA to a signup page or much effective, an inviting box where the visitor can enter his email address to sign up.

No matter the style or type, the footer placement must be below all the content of the page like this example below for ASOS




Above others placement

There are many options to place a signup Call to Action even if we don’t see them much on others website:

In the homepage sliders in the page content

In the page header

In the menu header

A static/sticky footer menu

Dynamic placement

There are several options for dynamic placement of Email Newsletter Signup Form such as pop displayed in front of the web page however it can affect the user experience, the mobility usability and be blocked by blockers.

You can display them on the homepage and we can see 2 formats:

A web page lightbox as we can see in Gap website below




or through a bar at the bottom or top of the page that the users can click away.




Be visible

There are two ways to make your call to action visible. The aspect (shape, color, text size etc.) and the importance such as when, where and how it’ll be displayed.

You can find plenty of options to stand out your calls to action on websites such as fly out, widget or popup.

The most common call to action technique on the website for sign-ups are:

Bar: on top or at the bottom of the page website targeted with full-width bar. it usually gets an open rate of 1.34%

Banner: You can embed it at the bottom or top of your website. it usually gets an open rate of 2.2%

Popup: you can display it in the center of your web page. Get a conversion rate of 1.31%




Timing delivery

Email call to action sign up can have 2 forms. The first is targeted to the audience and contextual relevance at the right time, right place, to the right person with the right offer.

You can get it by analyzing their behavior and the pages they visit on your website. For example, if a user is visiting women clothes and he’s interested in purchasing, liking deals, you can attract him with a sign up to receive news, dresses discount or even reward him with a 20% off his purchases as follows




The second form is when the user has spent time on your website and he’s about to leave the page. The call to action may be triggered by scrolling, time or movement to exit as the example below







Your users need to know what do you offer through your newsletters.

We can see 3 types of Newsletter Campaigns

Signup campaign: Simple ‘’join our list’’ without specifying what the subscriber can expect: offers, announcement without giving any specific incentive. It gets a conversion rate of 1%

Offer campaign: this campaign offers discounts, coupon or exclusive content. A conversion rate of 5%

Enter to win campaigns: by subscribing to this campaign the user will get periodically a reward. Conversation rate of 15%.





The CTA must motivate the user to subscribe to the list by choosing the right words to convince them. Apply this 3 rules: This an opportunity they can’t miss, focus on their needs and don’t use old marketing technics than everyone uses.

Here are some examples:

  • Sign up for ASOS style news – ASOS
  • Get email updates – Nordstrom Rack.
  • Sign up for the latest news, offers, and ideas – John Lewis





Basically, you have to types of retailers: the ones who will make it easy by simply writing their email address and clicking on a button submission




Asos propose an option between men or women that can be interesting to get Segmentation information.

Then there are the ones who make the sign-up process harder by displaying a popup where the users will have to fill out fields as this example below from Nike




Obviously longer the form is less signup you will get.

Learn more about email signup form


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