Email marketing is still the best channel to promote your brand into an effective marketing strategy. it lets you reach easier your target at a lower cost compared to others channel.

The best Email Segmentation's aim is that not every subscriber wants to receive the same content or the same offers from you. Indeed by using the same message may not provide the best results because they will expect to receive something different. This is the reason why marketers realized the importance to customize email lists in order to create segment into databases and build clients groups.


Email segmentation allows you to categorize people according to job title, status, income, age, address, interests etc. this is a great way to connect with them by sending relevant and personalize content.


Treating your customer as more than just a number is a great way to engage customers on a personal level and makes the customer feel ‘special’. On a customer level, if a firm knows our interests were much more likely to be receptive to their messaging. Marketers can also observe buyer behavior and send fewer emails regarding a subject if a customer doesn’t respond positively to previous emails. From a customer perspective, it’s like having a digital friend that always wants to talk about stuff we like.

Are you still not convinced about email segmentation?




Here are reasons why you should segment your email list:


Connect easier with your audience

Segment your list with interest or age group make easier to identify offers and content that can attract your subscribers and create better leads. You’ll get better responses from your audience by saving costs as well.


Campaign and promotions targeted

By segmenting your list, you’ll get easy ways to build your Email Campaign according to your subscriber's groups. You can reward your loyal customers for example by implementing a purchase frequency segment and sending them special promotions and discounts. You can also create vouchers and specific offers. 


Make difference between your active and inactive clients

Email segmentation should help you to see if your clients are active or inactive related to their engagement with your brand and business. Indeed through your email analytics, you’ll be able to see who didn’t open your email and invite them back to special offers. Keep your loyal customers with vouchers and personalized promotions. Some email providers allow you to segment your email list according to their email activities such as clicked links or email opened. 


Improve your click and open rate

Your messages will be more relevant for your subscriber if you segment your email list, you’ll improve your Email Open Rate and Click Rate as well. Indeed, people have different preferences and needs, this is why you won’t get the best results if you send the same message to all your subscribers. 


Improve your bounce and unsubscribe rate

By segmenting your subscribers you’ll be able to improve the Bounce Rate by removing the email addresses that are not active anymore. It can also help you to recognize the customers or the passive subscribers who are not engaged to active them back with an adequate offer.


Segmentation as a part of the email marketing plan

Every time you select a group from your email database, it is segmentation. This is a seemingly simple but extremely powerful mechanism. An Email Marketer can slice and dice his list and craft messages that fit the segments, ultimately lifting results. Segmentation should be a part of every healthy email marketing strategy. 




To Sum It Up

Overall the benefits of segmentation are clear to see. IT helps email marketers effectively target their emails and deliver a feeling of personalization to customers that helps produce more engagement and clicks. Whether you’re a rookie learning the trade or a veteran of the email marketing industry, segmentation will always be a must-have tool.


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