You are at home on a weekend enjoying your time on the couch watching your favorite football game. Then suddenly the phone rings, rings and rings. Wouldn’t stop until you answer. Only to find out that it is an insurance company who wants to talk to you and tell you about their new insurance plan.



seriously in the middle of the game?!
On the other hand during the half time break you see the life insurance add that you have been curious for sometime but never get the chance to inquire. Then you make a decision to finally subscribe to their mailing list.

  The first type
of approach is called outbound marketing.
1     The second one
is inbound marketing.

The main difference between the two is that

the outbound is intrusive or interrupting and the inbound is earning attention or curiosity.

  arrow.jpg Inbound marketing aims to educate, inform and keeps the readers, subscribers engaged with your brand by providing valuable, relevant content.  
  Nowadays, readers like to talk to their favorite brands to know what they like and dislike and communicate with them on a personal level. It gives them a feeling of importance and value. Millennials demand personalized from their favorite brands. This is one reason why inbound email works.   icon.png  
4_ stages_en.png

There are many channels the marketers can utilize to reach the readers without being disruptive like blogs, social media, SEO, word of mouth and email marketing.

If you have the right content surely you’ll be heard. Email marketing plays the most crucial role in inbound marketing.


This element will work for your inbound marketing strategy. It is empowering to send relevant contents/message to the right people at the right time and promotes brand awareness to the roof. The inbound email marketing is changing the business and consumers view email. It allows the brands and people to connect on a personal level that is effective and drives revenue. It just keeps on improving over time like Taximail email marketing platform.


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