The holiday season is the time of the year where everyone is busy offering and promoting their businesses on the “Merry season” of the year. Marketers are busy crafting promotions, offers that would click.


Have you planned your email marketing this holiday season?

This article we will take you through the trends to follow the ways to include them in your holiday email and make your brand stand out in your costumers' inbox.


1. Plan and Schedule

Start planning your holiday emails as early as September. There are lots of email campaigns send out very early to give the customers a heads up on what they have to get on the upcoming holiday sale.




2. Segment your database and tailor the messages

It has been a constant reminder that emails should be relevant for better customer engagement. Segmenting your email database and tailored/targeted emails increases the effectiveness of the holiday campaign. You can send a series of emails leading up to Cyber Monday letting people know about special discounts, and send a final reminder when the big day finally arrives.




To make the email campaign efficient, collect your customers' data and group them into a various segment based on customers behavior such as interest, demographic and purchase behaviors. Then create a personalized email to each of the group and send emails that engage them.

When you make the right segment, you will be able to send the customers relevant emails with the information that want to receive. The more you understand the customers' behavior, the better the tailoring of emails. This will boost better response and conversion.




3. Make subject lines Intriguing

Holidays are all about enhancing sales that engage customers. In order to stand out in the crowded inbox of your customers make sure that your subject line is intriguing that they will have the reason to open your email first. Make the subject line useful, memorable and specific with a sense of urgency to drive engagement. Emojis also helps with the Email Open Rate.

Subject line entices people to open an email through tactics like rhetorical questions, pressing commands, or friendly suggestions. These are a few examples.

"Could this be possible?"
“Your computer is the next wonder drug”
"You’ll like this Father’s Day deal!"




4. Persuade Engagement with Interactivity

It is very easy for your email to be overlooked in your customers' inbox. It has been said that 121 emails an average office worker receives in a day will help your email campaign capture’s user attention and engages them in your brand. Visual elements such as animated GIFs, videos, gasification, sliders, counters will help drive conversion. Leverage Kinetic Email Design and make sure to consider your subscribers' audience design. One of the easiest ways to add value is to offer free shipping leading up to the December holidays. You can encourage people to shop online or provide details so that customers can call to place an order ahead of time.




5. Incorporate machine learning like Taximail email marketing

That lets you send engaging and timely emails to your customers. It lets you craft individual emails for your subscribers. This is a one on one communication between you and the subscribers and it builds more trust. Send a limited content and segment to the behavior of your customers.




6. Use Email with Social Media

Your customers may not necessary opens their email on holiday season during the peak season. It is important to run your Email Campaign on all major Social Media platforms. Always make your holiday offer available across all channels like email, blogs social and more.

Including and promoting social options in an email are important for a few reasons:

  • They provide another platform to connect with your audience: Remember that each platform—email, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, a blog, etc.—enables you to communicate and interact with people in different ways.

  • They give email subscribers more options: It’s possible that your email subscribers prefer to engage with your company or brand on different channels. While email is great, it’s not the only option. Give ’em a choice!




7. Keep analyzing your metrics

A great thing about email marketing is that you can follow the result of your email campaign sent. You can get reports about your email opened. link clicked or how long time they were reading your emails.

These KPI are super important for your seasonal email campaign. By analyzing these metrics you can refine and improve your email campaign, do some A/B testing. For instance, if your open rate gets low you ESP can help you to test and write some catchy email subject lines.  




8. Don't miss out to send enticing deals

Season holidays is the right time to announce big sales, discount and, promotions. Everybody love acquire products with a pricing reduction. Customers loyalty, coupons, sales and great deals are the most effective ways to do business online via email marketing. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting your holiday email marketing for your valued customers.


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