From now on the digital marketers must be multi-competence to adapt the content to multiple platforms such as social network and emails.


Only a few people take a decision to buy from only one channel then the marketers cannot miss out opportunities to get new buyers through another channel.

So how you can match social media and email marketing to help you reach out to new customers?

Reach simply your audience by integrating email marketing and social marketing:

The social networks let you upload your subscriber's list

There are advantages doing this:

  • Build a relationship by identifying your email subscribers with a face and a name
  • Listen and follow them to get a better idea of what they like.
  • Create community publishing great content to get new like and followers.



You can upload by linking your twitter account with Outlook and Gmail. Then you can use the "Find friend" to connect your work or personal email. Twitter will show you who are already on Twitter.

For your Twitter business account, you can upload a CSV file with your emails list.



You can search contacts through your personal email and/or upload an email list contact.

In the home page, on "My networks" menu, click on "Find connection"

You will have choices between several email client such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc and any email.

After uploading choose who you want to connect with.



You should create a custom audience based in order to get more like on your Facebook page for instance or build a retargeting campaign.

you can upload your list via ads manager then in "Audience" and click custom audience to upload a customer list.

After uploading your email list, you can run retargeting ads campaign on Twitter and/or Facebook for who liked on your email marketing

This is a great way to make business with your customers who have shown an interest in your email.

You just have to set a code on the page website you are targeted.

The social media let you create easy, affordable and tracked ads.




Set the social media to send email for you

LinkedIn lets you set this options but before all, you should improve your community if you want LinkedIn to let your email land inbox.

Then they will send your recent content to the others subscribers groups to keep them informed.




Get email addresses from Facebook and Twitter

The people can sign up directly on Twitter to your email newsletter.

First of all, you should propose a valuable content such as a webinar, an ebook, a guide, etc. then set a privacy policy because there is an exchange of data. Finally
add your credit card.

In ads, twitter select "Creatives" click on "Cards" then choose "Create lead generation card"

Create your ads by inserting a headline, image and description then add a great call to action. The people will sign up for your card without leaving Twitter.

On Facebook, you can plainly add a sign-up button to your Facebook page with an URL to your landing page to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.




Make the social media a secret weapon to boost your email marketing by running a great community. This is about helping people in your niche. If you’re able to do that and grow your group’s membership, you’ll end up in the inbox on a daily or weekly basis. Make your emails really good and use a nice call to action buttons for your social media.


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