Welcome, Who doesn't like Emojis?

It seems that there is an increasing number of businesses that are joining the emoji bandwagon.

As an email marketing expert, you must know your audience and the demographic to ensure that your subscribers "get" the meaning of your emoji.

Do not forget to test your subject lines on all platforms to make sure they render properly.


The big revelation...

A recent survey revealed that only 20% of emails are interesting and only 23% of email personalized are interesting to be open to the subscribers. In this context, it's important for the marketer to try to capture the reader’s attention.




Could emojis help them to reach this objective?

Different online influencers demonstrated that emojis are relevant in email marketing but they might not be aggressive. By the way, with this emoji trend, the marketers are used to embed with this famous thumbs-up image followed by an assortment of smiley faces. the thumbs-up is also popular in personal emails even if a heart is commonly favored.

This is also appropriate to adopt the emojis use according to the position of the recipients. For example, less than 20% think relevant to send an email with emojis to a senior executive. However, another part thinks it might be appropriate according to the context and the circumstances.

The emojis are not entirely part of the work environment but they prove that they can increase the email engagement strategy when they are well used in email marketing campaign subject line. The result in email marketing, got a better open rate compared to the emails campaign without them. Analysts took a sample of 1.3 billion emails between 2015 and 2016 demonstrated that's emojis improve the open rate by at least 40% when they are presented in a subject line.




How to use it in emails?

If you are not sure about how your subscribers will receive your email subject line, try on a little sample around 10% then if you get a positive result you can try with a sample more important in order to confirm it. Don’t use the emojis that everybody uses. In effect with this new trend, you should avoid the emojis commonly used and stay original with your subscribers.

Check by doing email test or by analyzing your results to be sure that your emojis are displayed on any email clients and your target is receptive. The emojis are the good way to include personality in your commercial relationship with your subscribers. They help you also to resolve the subject line length issue that some marketer can have.




Let’s break down some benefits of having an Emoji


1 Emojis grab the attention of your subscribers

Emoji makes the subject line stand out in a subscribers inbox. It gives our email more chance to get opened. According to studies 56% of brands that user emojis in subject line increases open rates.


2 Emojis helps with brand awareness

Being noticed in the inbox regardless it is not opened can still increase brand awareness by seeing your brand name on your subject line. Make a standout emoji that reflects your brand.


3 Emoji saves space

In this digital era, most of the emails are open thru mobile.
The subject lines are mostly long and it is advisable to have 41-50 characters on your subject to be read. So, it is a challenge to write catchy subject lines with emojis that conveys what you are informing them about.


4 Taximail, lets you easily add emojis to your subject line.

You can simply go to your campaigns and create one in the emoji library. In the subject line, you can add emojis that would resonate with what you want to convey to your subscribers.


5 Always test your Emojis

Emojis looks different on email clients. It is better for you to test it and see how it looks like on each email client for better optimization.


6 Do not replace the actual word

Since Outlook is not emoji friendly the same way that other email clients are. Do not replace the actual word with an emoji instead just add it to catch attention.


7 Use it at the beginning

How the subscribers see your email depends on their devices whether it is a desktop or mobile. Putting it, in the beginning, helps you to avoid cutting in the inbox.




Things to consider before you use Emojis


1 Do Emoji fits your brand?

Emojis does not fit all brands due to various factors like customer age, attitude, the tone of communication and your approach.

Sure, its fun, cute, playful and youthful. If you brand os something like this.


2 Do not overdo the Emojis

Putting emojis on your subject line can benefit to open rate and overall campaign engagement. However, do not overdo it. Do not send an email with emojis all the time. It gets old fast. Use them only when it makes sense and to impact your subject line.


3 Will all the subscribers be able to see my emoji the same way.

Definitely No, all email clients show emoji slightly different. They are not supported by Outlook and render as a blank square.




Final Thoughts

You have to consider the pros and cons of having an Emoji in your email campaign. Use these small, creative, funny icons wisely. This wills spice up your subject line and grab more attention.


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Jibi is the Head of Design in Taximail with a degree in Visual Communication Design. She checks the quality of output for all creative works with her hands-on approach to help the team with concept development. She has strong skills in UI/UX design for websites, apps on the desktop and mobile. Hand embroidery, drawing, and handmade crafts interest her. Passionate about cooking and discovering a new dish.

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