New Years, means new beginnings. This is the time that you have to start reviewing your email marketing performance last 2017.

You should assess your tactics and strategy. Did you had a good ROI or is it the time to make adjustments?

Sometimes, we are stuck in our routines and practices to engage our subscribers that we need a refresher course to keep the engagement tangible.  

After all, email is a great marketing tool to acquire new customers when used properly.

We have gathered ways for you to keep your Email Marketing soar this 2018.


Begin with…

1. Using more personalization in your email campaigns.

Using personalisations in your email does not only mean adding the subscriber’s name in your email subject line or the body of your email. Don’t get me wrong! this tactic is great but C’mon it’s 2018. Research shows that a personalized subject line is 26% more likely to get opened. We can do much better than this. 

Take your personalization beyond this, study the subscriber's journey like purchase history, locations, actions taken.

With this valuable insights, you can personalize your email better to reach the target audience in a more personalized way.


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2. Don't Send only Promotional Emails

Email Marketing has been known to send out promotional emails, news, and products.

As a marketer, you should consider how you can use this to promote your services and products.

If you have been practicing sending out your promo code and VIP sales, you need to limit this behavior.

It’s 2018 Already, you need to build a solid relationship with your subscribers. Send them an email that encourages them to read the blog article, a survey that they can participate, share the company’s milestones and thank them for their support.




3. Create significant Call-to-Action

Every email has a call to action but the question is, Is it significant enough? Marketing research suggested that creating a meaningful Call to Action is one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing.

Create a short, specific direction that will lead your subscriber to make a purchase, download an ebook or join an event. 

Make the button sizes and color more appealing to the eyes of the subscribers, especially those reading your email from a smartphone. We know that visual appeal draws attention.


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Refrain from doing this…

4. Stop sending emails to those who don’t open your email

Marketers are hesitant to clean up their list coz that means the list will have lower volume. It feels like erasing subscribers losing potential sales. On the other hand, If subscribers are not engaging in your emails at all, it’s best to let it go.

Declutter your email list and focus on the subscribers who love to hear from you. If you keep on sending graymail it will hurt your delivery rates. ESP like Gmail and Hotmail has an algorithm to check the engagement of subscribers.

To keep your Spam-free Reputation, remove email contacts that haven’t engaged in your email in 6-9 months.




5. Reactionary response

If you are creating an email response out of the action of your subscribers manually, STOP. You can make this entire process seamless by automation. With the use of Taximail, you can set up triggers with the use of webhooks to send emails automatically based on time or behavior.

For example, when subscribers join your list, that action can trigger to send out a welcome.


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You can create a series of triggers that correspond to your subscriber's action or interest level. If a subscriber opens your second email they will receive an offer or benefit email from you. You can set it however you want to relate it to your subscribers. You can also schedule an email.




Continue doing this…

6. Segmenting your contact list

According to research Segmentation is worth your time and it generates a 58% revenue. Nowadays marketers are grouping their subscribers into specific segments. It is about time to take your segmentation to the next level. Go beyond the usual demographic or gender by adding buying habits as your email strategy. For example, you can split a list of your female subscribers by age, buying history an frequency. It is about time to learn more about the subscriber's behavior well. Keep a closer look at the data.




7. Data Collection

You have to know your customers well in order to segment efficiently. It takes time to know and collect information from your customers. You can try something new when your subscriber downloads a white paper, you can ask for his job title or company name. The more information you get from someone the better personalization you can send.


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Wrap things up… 

This year has full of potential and possibilities to engage your audience. Email Marketing can help you with the use of the right tactics.

Focus on getting to know your customers and create personalized emails that resonate with your subscribers.

Automate those emails that are necessary and focus on engaging your customers in the use of better personalization.

Do not be afraid to weed out those subscribers that are not engaging and opening your emails.

This is about time to grow your list and protect your deliverability reputation.


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