One important factor in email marketing is the utilization of “colored” Call-to-Action. The color can stimulate the customer's behavior as well but it will depend on the product or services that you want to encourage the customer behavior.

Can certain colors increase your conversion rate?

In this blog article, we will see that the research says for the best CTA button color.

We know that social proof, urgency, clear design and the right lead magnet to capture Email Conversions.




Color? Does it make an impact?

Let’s break down the prominent colors on email marketing.

Psychologically, there is no doubt that there is a profound effect of colors to people.

Red is the dominant color on the screen. It means passion, excitement, and urgency. It is the appropriate color if you want your customers to make a quick purchase decision about your product.

Green is the color that represents natural peace. It can be linked to the inspirational for many customers. This is the most popular color who gets clicked than any other colors.

Orange or Yellow Is exciting and warm as well. When customers feel the joy of warmth, they are more likely to buy products associated with their happiness.

Blue is the color of the mind and is essentially soothing. Strong blues it will stimulate clear thought and softer blue will calm the mind and concentration.

Violet or often called as purple. It takes awareness to the higher level of thought. It encourages deep contemplation or meditation. It has associations with royalty and the finest quality.

Black, it creates protective barriers, as it absorbs all the energy. It communicates absolute clarity and creates a perception of weight and seriousness.

White is purity, clarity, cleanliness, and simplicity. It communicates sophistication and efficiency.




How do the marketers suppose to make sense of all this? How can you use colors to your advantage?

Choosing a color for your Call-to-Action should be taken into consideration your target audience associated with the product or services you wish to promote.

First try to understand the way your buyer persona reacts to color and then, develop a color-based on your Email Conversion Strategy




CTA needs to Pop

We know that the more eye-catching the call-to-action, it more likely to convert. The color will increase the visibility of your brand and drives conversion.




Colors need to be On-Brand

People see the colors and see if it matches the brand. You brand personality should be on point for your customers.




CTA on point

Always remember that no matter how catchy the colors of your button but if your call-to-action is not clear then it will just be in vain. Make it clear for the audience to hit the button and land exactly where you want them to be.

With Taximail's powerful feature A/B testing, you can test and analyze the feedback from your email recipients if they just clicked, purchase or open your email with the use of your colored Call To Action button.

Taximail will help you improve your conversion rate with the practical solutions on your email marketing needs.


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