When people receive email they only think email is just an email. On the other hand, for marketers emails is an integral part of connecting the brands and its consumers. It builds awareness and sales fulfilment. 


Transactional email is the most ignored email but this is the most widely used emails. Let us give you a closer look to dig deeper and understand the importance of transaction emails to every business and institutions.




Differentiate Marketing emails and Transactional emails?


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Marketing emails are timed and sent strategically to your recipient list.

These emails come with many objectives including brand awareness, conversion, engagement, and list building. The strategy used by marketing email changes from time to time and is often needs to be adapted to the needs and behavior of the customers.


Types of marketing emails:

  • Welcome Email Series
  • Standard Promotional Campaign
  • Seasonal Campaign
  • Triggered Email Series
  • Post-Purchase Drip
  • Connect-Via-Social Campaign
  • Newsletter
  • Cart Abandonment Campaign
  • Re-engagement campaign

They aim for the subscribers to benefit from such product to events.



Transactional emails may also be called “triggered” emails because they include any email that is triggered by a user's interaction with a web app. This is mainly automated by a system trigger, but that doesn’t mean it should be neglected.


Under CAN-SPAM, transactional messages are not subject to the same requirements as commercial. Additionally, transactional messages don’t require an unsubscribe link so long as they are generated in response to a recipient-initiated action and close the loop on said action, whether it’s a request, purchase or something else.


Types of transaction emails:

  •     Customer service statements or inquiries
  •     Password change requests
  •     Order confirmations and receipts
  •     Shipping tracking and notification information
  •     Double opt-in email confirmation links
  •     Emails generated from ticketing information
  •     Product expiry, renewal notices
  •     Returns, changes or refund emails


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Implementation of a transactional email program:

Transactional email program, first it should be implemented across the organization departments. If a business is implementing his own email service delivery program the technical team has to be requested to incorporate the transactional email feature into it. We know that email delivery is a complex process and there are often hassles of getting caught into spam filters, constant inbox delivery, measuring the effectiveness of both promotional and transactional email marketing program. The better way to go for a  third party service provider who handles all the technical stuff for you. This is especially good for organizations which can use third-party providers for technical implementation and focus on marketing which will bring in more profits for their business.




Benefits of Transactional emails:


1. Boost customer engagement

When customers receive regularly an email from you with information about your service/product updates it builds trust with them. This is a great possibility of the emails getting whitelisted so that they will always go to your inbox.


2. Improves other customer service channels

Transactional emails are triggered automatically and time intervals. You can download there statistics result on spreadsheet format that you can use to further improve your customer service and customer happiness initiatives.

Most of the transactional emails are triggered automatically on some event or at timely intervals. The metrics of such transactional emails are can also be downloaded in spreadsheet format for analysis and further improvements on the customer service, customer happiness initiatives. You can provide also use transaction emails to encourage subscribers to provide more valuable feedback, more discounts and personalized offers which will become profitable for your business at a very low cost.


3. Better branding opportunities

It reinforces the identity of the business and adds more value to your subscribers.

Providing with more relevant information and customer-centric attitude in the transaction emails puts the business brand ahead of its competitors.


4. Important as a referral channel

If the subscribers are impressed with your customer service via transactional emails, this can be harnessed to ask them for referrals. A satisfied customer is a good brand ambassador for the business and chance and chances are the subscriber's list will improve.


5. Increase in revenue

Transactional email is pointed out as to reduce the burden on other customer engagement process channel. This is already a cut down on spending in terms of money, personnel, and infrastructure.




Wrap up….

Transactional emails are the most overlooked marketing solutions but the importance is indispensable.  Monitor your transactional email delivery like with any other service in your stack. If users aren’t receiving critical emails like password reset and invoices, you hurt your business. Make sure that you are notified quickly if there are potential delivery issues long before your customers will personally email you. This is still a critical piece of functionality that deserves your full attention. Invest time in making your email marketing experience great and you will reap the fruit of your labor.


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