Have you experienced this after making a purchase online?

Email Engagement seems to be the eternal difficulty for marketers since they have to fight to catch the attention in crowded customers inbox. Subscribers receive promotions, reviews request and newsletter the emails that imply too much step will be ignored. 

Now sellers don’t hesitate to send an email with only one question to get back your satisfaction or a feedback regarding a product or a service bought. These emails are straightforward and elegant as well, with just a few words including an image which the recipient can click on.

An example from Expedia send email marketing by getting your feedback through a simple email design: We can see 2 smileys face green and red. This a perfect example of the easy click emails.




Let’s explain what is an easy click email:

This is an Email Marketing which is able to increase your conversion by clarifying the user answer. So the easy click email should be clear by including only one question with maximum 3 visuals to let customers engage with your brand and provide feedback. It includes also a click on the button to send their feedback. Easy click email encourages a real-time engagement and personalization with more relevant email sharing their experience.

One of the benefits of easy click email is it makes it useful for the people to answers on mobile or desktop devices. The easy click email results are better because they make easier to the set segmentation criteria.

For instance, if we take this Expedia email, if I answer ‘’yes I’m happy’’ by clicking on the green face, Expedia would have been able to suggest me others destinations with this air company however if I clicked on the red face by showing my dissatisfaction, I might have received an apology email.

In general, it helps you improve the way you do business and figure out how you can give a better experience to your customers. Also, it’s a good opportunity to increase the website traffic and follow up your campaign as you input link in your email. 

By Implementing easy click emails the company is able to create segments with simple data because the content that the customers receive is more accurate and probably to get a good impact on the brand reputation.




Below a listing of the element that contains an easy click email:

Basic header: Logo and brand name 

One question: it makes it easy for your customers to reply 

Call to action : 3 maximum possibilities 

Segmentation rules: sent a content adapted according to the user answers

Basic footer: include essentials information with unsubscribe option as well. 




Why should I use easy click emails?

Easy click email helps you to get better results especially open rate and answer rate by engaging your brand with your customers. As it’s easy to implement, you can adapt the easy click email to many kinds of email marketing campaign such as customer's satisfaction, product feedback, brand or company improvement etc.

The easy click emails campaign can get precious data to adapt your content to your segmentation in order to propose better offers and relevant content while increasing your answers rate and your deliverability.


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