As a business owner or a marketer using an email marketing platform to reach out to your subscribers, you are in constant pressure of think about spam trap, spam trigger words and will your email go to the spam folder.


Even when you create targeted email campaigns to avoid being sent to the spam or marked as spam by your subscribers has become an issue.


Why is that?

The Email Service Providers (ESP) are trying to catch all the spammer but the collateral damage of these issues includes some good marketers who are trying to their best to reach out to their customers.

Do you notice that when you received an email from someone that is outside your network from you Gmail you will see this kind of pop up?


This looks alarming when you receive an email like this even when you send using Taximail.

Don’t fret…. On Gmail point of view, this looks like a suspicious email from a non-Gmail server.


How to solve this Gmail spoof warning email? 

This is a problem that can be resolved timely. All you need to do is authenticate your sending domain with Taximail.




There are two steps to verify domain in Taximail.

In your Taximail account setting click on Verified domains and follow the instructions on this article.


1 Verify your domain by email.

The system will send you an email to verify the domain and click the verify domain button and input your verification code. This is the most basic form of verification for you to be able to send an email campaign. This is to tell the email client that Taximail allows you to send an email.

However, it does not mean that your email will not go to SPAM folder when you do this step. This cannot help remove the warning SPAM sign from Gmail, this is just to allow and use this domain to send email.




2 Custom domain authentication with DKIM and SPF.


We strongly suggest this second step for a best email marketing practice. If its authenticated, the message will display by a signed-by header with the senders domain, and the mailed-by head with the domain name. This means the email client has trust in the sender.

Once you are done this process and you are set to make your email campaigns. You will have the improved delivery rate there are things that you should take consider.

It’s good to be reminded of the important step to ensure that sending a campaign will land to the subscriber's inbox.





What are the things that you should remind yourself?


Keep email list clean

Never buy email lists. Legally it violates the ISP’s terms of use and Can-SPAM act, selling or transferring the email addresses of people whose address are on the list and never accepted to be contacted by you. In short, they have not opted-in to receive an email from you.


Remove the hard bounces from your mailing list

Bounce rates are important factors ISP’s keep track to determine the sender's reputation. A bad reputation will damage your deliverability. Using Taximail, when you have a hard bounce it will automatically be added to your global suppression list and those will not send an email for the second time.


Check for dormant subscribers

Inactive subscribers can influence directly your deliverability rate. So, either send a re-engagement campaign or ask them if they still want to hear from you. If not, you have to weed out those subscribers who are no longer interested.


Ask for double opt-in

When you have a new subscriber after they subscribe to send them another email asking them they indeed want to receive an email from you. This will help your domain name clean and bypass the rigorous spam filters. If a subscriber adds you to their address book, it tells the ISP that your Ip address is whitelisted and your subscriber wants to receive an email from you.


Respect unsubscribes

One of the most important things for Can-SPAM act is to provide unsubscription option in your email always. In the footer of your email, put the unsubscription link and respect their wishes to never email them again.


Trigger words

The spam diagnosis tools are trained to detect for any spam trigger words and another spammy behaviour of any email campaign. Avoid being too pushy with spam words such as accept credit cards, as soon on, cannot combine with any other offer, check or money order to name a few.


Email design

Another thing to consider is your content and images all together. They also play a role for your email to be on the spam folder if its too rich in images and contents are less relevant.

Your campaign should represent what your brand is trying to convey with your subscribers.


Care about your follow up email

When you send a follow-up email offer valuable, relevant and engaging content to subscribers if you are trying to re-engage the inactive subscribers to avoid spam. You can send it from time to time after a shorter period of time. Just a little nudge for them to know that you are here.





There is no one formula fits all to guarantee that your email list won’t land in spam. The ISP, ESP, and anti-spam law are very strict in this emerging digital world. There is also no definite guide to help you with the deliverability issues.

However, when you use Taximail. We will do our best to guide you through the process and help you improve will your email campaign to get the maximum potential of deliverability. Your comprehensive campaign report will help you to craft your next email campaign for those who are engaged with you. For the unfortunate ones who did not bother to open your campaign, we will help you decide to either send another campaign or tweak the previous to see if there will be an impact with your campaign. Your support team from Taximail will walk you through all the processes and guide you in your journey. Let’s craft a meaningful email together.


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