The talk of the town has landed, brace yourselves to the changes that Apple has implemented. Email marketing strategy can significantly change after Apple introduced its iOS 15.


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Key updates that will affect your email marketing campaigns:

The iOS 15 introduces more user protection from third-party trackers including Mail Privacy Protection that stops the email from collecting data via invisible pixels. The update will hide the user’s IP addresses, limiting the third-party’s ability to track the user across the internet.

iCloud+ will come with an additional Private Relay feature that ensures all traffic from a users device is encrypted, this means no one between the user’s and the website visited can access and read it.

This will hinder knowing the exact location of the customer when you measure the result of your email marketing campaigns.

Measuring your email campaign result in Taximail will not affect the Open Rate and Click Rate of your email campaign which are the most important engagement of your customers. 




Keep in mind these healthy habits to maintain your best email practices.

- We recommend to marketers do a clean-up to remove unresponsive contacts and have a better open rate for your company. Make sure to engage them with the relevant content and personalize the messages so the user is more likely to interact with you. Make your team be ready to embrace these changes and update your marketing strategies to adapt to the changes.

- It is important to try an A/B testing campaign to gather all the data you need best to prepare your campaigns. Test different subject lines to see which one performs best. Use a variety of tests on different styles and formulas like length, emojis, title cases, figures, trending topics, and personalization.

- Real-time metrics are proven and well-established automation workflows like email sequences that are sent out automatically to subscribers based on their contact behavior.

Here are the best workflow to keep on implement: 

  • Welcome sequence 
  • Abandoned cart emails 
  • Re-engagement sequence
  • Post-purchase sequence 

Click rates are a key metric for measuring your impact on your subscribers/customers on how they engage and enjoy your email content. 

- Email marketing is one of the most effective and cost-effective marketing channel there is. However, you can go beyond and explore reaching out to your customers using Bizchat by connecting your social platforms in one place. SMS campaigns boast also a high open-rate. You can reach out to your customers using the multi-channel formula.




Are you overwhelmed by these new changes brought by the iOS15 update? 

You are not alone. This challenge is a great time to reassess your email marketing strategies and find new ways to engage your customers with a better email campaign.


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