Isn’t it great to receive an email that has a personal touch?

Not only sending personal email marketing increases your KPI it also engages more with your customers.

It makes them feel that you really know them and cares about them. It boosts your Email Marketing Campaign open rate to 26% but it leads to a few questions too.

Many businesses have been slow to take up personalization.

Why are we failing to use personalization in our email marketing strategies?

It is not because of ignorance of benefits because the marketers are aware of the value and it is critical to the current and future success.

It seems that we don’t know how to personalize. Some marketers admit that they struggle in personalize content in real-time. It clear that there is a little confusion about how to do it.

There are relatively simple, yet sophisticated ways to use personalization in our emails.


Here are ways to implement and use personalization in email marketing

Ask the Right Questions

It is a simple and effective way to segment your audience for personalization is to simply ask a question. Ask the customers for their reason for visiting your website or subscribing to your email. It can give you insightful data that can lead to sending targeted email campaigns. You will know their intention and what they want by simply answering a question.

Build customer personas

Segmenting your customer works but you can it take further using customer persona. You can build them using a multitude of data. You can group customers using mix attributes and action they take. This will give you a highly targeted experience.


The advantage of Location and Time

It is a known fact that time of the day prove to be better than others when it comes to sending emails. There are people who like to receive an email at 8:00 am or might respond after 6:00 pm. Either way, if you A/B test, you will know The best time to send your email campaigns.

On the other hand, it's not like all your customers have the same location and time. They can be around the world, scattered across different time zones and probably receiving in a non-optimal time.

In Taximail, you can create a scheduled email to reach your subscribers.



Set up a triggered email

Behavioral triggered emails are real-time reactions of how your customers using your website or your products.

Get immediately trigger-based data from your recipient in JSON or XML format. The trigger requires an endpoint URL to push the data when "Open", "Click" and "Unsubscribe" occurs. This can be done in Taximail using webhooks and it needs IT assistance.


Personalized Your Business

It doesn’t have to be limited to using your customer's data. You can personalize your brand. It can soften the edges of a business and levels it in a more human connection with your brand and your customers.
It builds more trust and credibility for your company.



Get ready for Personalization

It gets more customer to engage in your business and can enhance your email marketing strategies. It is attainable marketing style for your business.

Pay attention to the data that you have gathered and see how it can use for your customers.

Start from today and see how this Email personalization works for you, it’s not as hard as you think.


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