This 2018 means more learning when it comes to email marketing. There is a rise of the email design trends and this is the right time to assess your marketing team on what needs to be improved in 2018.


Here are the common trends that email marketing experts are seeing in the email marketing world.


Trend 1: More use of images and emojis in email 

Expert: Tom Buchok, MailCharts


In 2017 there was an increase of 25% in images use. This means brands are adding more images, HD quality and the use of more animated GIFs within their email. This is something you will have to bear in mind it’s slower to load on mobile devices. Emojis will relatively goes up. It has been evident in the email subject lines in 2017.




Trend 2: Emotive design 

Expert: Nikola Keavy, Campaign Monitor


Another trend last year was the emotive design. Emotive branding that engages people in a focused way that strives to evoke the specific feelings the brand seeks to own. Using color, lines, shape, form, texture, light – and nothingness – designers create both passive and interactive. This gives a more human connection. This includes a deeper understanding of the customer and more personal and emotive level.




Trend 3: Progressive enhancements 

Expert: Justin Khoo, FreshInbox


2018 is the year to embrace progressive enhancement — it can be the background images, animations, and interactivity. It will be more diverse email content that we will be seeing in our inbox with the same look in within all clients.




Trend 4: Greater accessibility

Expert: Mark Robbins, GoRebel


In 2018 we can expect more Email Designers working to increase the Email Accessibility. It would give an advantage for visually impaired users if the codes can be read by a screen reader. Making designs that are more usable for the users like screen magnifiers for colorblind people and other means. It is more intuitive and adaptive to every kind of users.




Trend 5: Refined design

Expert: Elliot Ross, Taxi for Email


This means that brands will use more email marketing tools to create a Powerful Email Campaign, use Prebuilt Email Templates that suit their brand, stronger documentarians, and more effective teamwork. By using an email marketing tool they will save more time building what is basic. This a smarter way to work.




Trend 6: Text-based emails

Expert: Anna Hetzel,


Predicting that there is a demand for a text-based email design. Recent studies show that A/B testing image-based vs text-based email, where text-based get more open and click-through rates. This signifies simplicity one emails and less likely to end up in the spam folder. It more personalized and the subscribers get what they want without the feeling of being ”marketed” to.




Trend 7: Easy and clear unsubscription

Expert: Val Geisler,


Some brands have a complicated process to unsubscribe to their mailing list before. Nowadays, more brands are getting to do the more simple way to manage unsubscribe link. Most marketers realize that if someone wants to leave your list, it might have nothing to do with your brand. They just don’t want to be bombarded with emails. If you have a potential customer make simple process and not complicated. Unsubscribe link gives them the option to leave anytime.




Trend 8: Increase interactivity

Expert: Anne Tomlin,


It will be a year with surprise in email interactivity. You will see Unique Designs but Intuitive at the same time. This is the time to let that creative juices out and make an irresistible email content creation.




To Wrap Things Up

In this digital world that the only constant thing is CHANGE, it will always evolve. You have to braise yourself and be ready to adapt to the fast trend of email marketing and design. Innovations bring great opportunity to grow as a marketer and send strong, compelling email campaigns.


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As a Designer in Taximail, Bin sees to it that the design has a “WOW” factor. He is an expert in using Sketch App, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator and Freehand Sketch. Born from a family of Artists, he has an innate talent. He loves to play badminton in his free time.

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