According to the Litmus chart below are the trends to explore in 2017.


 Interactive Email

More than 25% of marketers think It’ll be the best trend of 2017.

Interactive email can be carousels, sliders and image galleries, quiz, reviews, add to cart functionalities etc.

The interactive email lets you implement interactions through your email that normally happen on your landing page. It helps you to reduce your engagement limits and increase your click through.

However, there are 2 issues abut interactive emails:

Technical difficulties in implementing it: This kind of email isn’t supported by all email clients but more than 66% will be able to enjoy your interactive email. Build a fallback for the email clients that can’t support interactive emails.

Attribution image and tracking: The email engagement becomes more important than the click rate because the subscribers react to your email. You have to measure that in new metrics by analyzing the engagement through your email.




Big data personalization in emails

The big brands have been focused on integrating data across different channels and trying to translate the big data.

When this step is set up, the brand can gather detail information about individual customers in order to Personalised Emails sent to them. However Big data personalization is likely a huge trend whether it be this year or the next years.



Automated Emails

We know already the importance of this trend and it’s not a news, it works well for years. Some brands generate the majority of their revenue with simply triggered emails such as cart abandon or welcome emails.

This kind of email represents a huge opportunity for marketers and brand to engage better their subscribers.




Omni-channel email experiences

the customers expect from the brand a recognition through all the channels. This is a challenge for the brand to catch up with their expectations.

It will need a complete integration and a lot of Machine Intelligence to send the right email to each subscriber through the pertinent channel, that’s why It can be difficult to set it.




Email encryption

it’s one of the priorities about sending an email. Indeed 2016 was catastrophic with the announce hack of user’s Yahoo account or the hack of Clinton’s email during her campaign. By using personalized data through email the encryption and the privacy are gonna be a priority for this year.

For instance, Gmail signal already emails is encrypted by using the TLS (transport layer security).




HTML5 Video in email taking off

Video in Email is straightforward and easy for subscribers to understand - and for that reason is likely to increase the marketers and subscribers interactivity. 

With the launch of iOS 10, HTML5 video support is back! More than 53% of emails were opened in Apple email apps justifying trying it as long as there is a fall-back for subscribers with email clients that don’t support HTML5 video.




These are the predictive Trends happened this 2017

  • The rising adoption of responsive email design increased the conversion rates on smartphones.
  • Automated emails become an important need for a better-personalized customer experience.
  • Triggers for automated emailing make campaigns more timely and relevant to the subscribers.
  • Integrating email marketing with CRM and ERP brought one-to-one communication with customers closer.
  • Modular templates make running campaigns much more accessible.
  • Drag and Drop Technology will make email marketing simpler and more convenient.
  • Kinetic email makes it possible for marketers to develop engaging and eye-catching campaigns in the recipient’s inbox. 




Marketers should be careful not to rest on their laurels when it comes to this “oldie but goodie” marketing tool and keep up with changing trends. Email may be a long-established communication format, but today’s email marketing strategies can’t afford to be old-fashioned. You got to keep up with the latest trends because the digital marketing world keeps on evolving.

What should email marketers look forward to in the coming year? The struggle to STAND OUT in the inbox will accelerate; all you need to do is think outside-of-the-box.


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