Even if some customers follow strictly email campaigns, they struggle to reach out to new prospects during their acquisition campaign. The goal of an acquisition campaign is to get new prospects with the aim to turn them into customers. However, some companies don't realize that they have to drive this campaign differently than a classic customers campaign by implementing an effective strategy and set some fundamental principles to reach the success.

Technology and tools changes at a light speed but the clients remain unchanged. They are looking for results and healthy returns of their investments. Sometimes these clients run successful customer-focused email campaigns but hit a bump trying to reach new prospects with a B2B acquisition campaign.

Email acquisition campaigns are designed to reach new prospects with the goal of turning them into customers. While the email initiatives just aimed at existing customers. Acquisition campaigns are the entirely different approach, it needs an Effective Email Campaign Strategy.




Following some fundamentals an time tested B2B principles can lead to success.


Look into the license contract

Some email data providers let you use their data but many of them will give to buy a ‘’one-time use list’’ that means you’ll have only one chance to succeed with this Email List. So you should get an email list you can use for a while to improve your ROI and save your money. The other benefit is you will be able to remove email addresses which are no longer valid and your provider will update your list to keep it effective.

Investigate your actual customer list

Before launch any acquisition campaign you should take a look in your actual customers to understand perfectly who are they, what are their job titles and their responsibilities, how much revenue they get, where their business is located? etc. You’ll be able to understand better your target by figuring out who is your actual customers.

Think Data quality

Don't forget quality is much important than quantity. Make certain to choose from a variety of fields to improve your target such as classification code, revenue, city, addresses etc. Get complete records to lets your marketing team uses it through multiple channels. Finally your data provider must offer you 95% data validity, otherwise, choose another one.


Send a content helpful

Your first target after your acquisition data done is to design an email campaign able to win the prospect trust. Think about how relevant should be your content. Dodge promotional content that won’t only reject your prospects and your email won't get delivered by getting stuck in the Spam Folder. Choose an impact subject line to grab their attention directly. Include CTA in order to allow them to react to your email.


Efforts to win new customers

Your acquisition campaign efforts should get interested if you follow the guideline previously. Once you are received the leads through you CTA for example, is important to plan how you will use them. You can either make a call or create a specific nurturing list. Set follow-up communications with a CRM platform that allows you to analyze insight.



In A Nutshell...

A company website should be the cornerstone of their digital marketing and every visitor is considered a potential customer. Consider the type of email you like to receive. With that standard in mind, along with these tips, you'll be well on your way to crafting better emails. These are some effective pieces of advice that can help you launch a successful acquisition campaign and engage future customers.


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