After Taximail succeeded in gaining trust from leading businesses in Thailand and abroad in providing Email and SMS services to customers, they have created a new app called BizChat.

Communication services have been added to the chat channel for customers. 

BizChat has the ability to unify leading chat platforms such as FB Messenger, Instagram, LINE Official, Telegram, which has been well received and also honored to appear on the Kong Story program, hosted by Mr. Kong Akkarat Nitipon.

He is a well-known host from the program with hundreds of thousands of subscribers on Youtube. 

Let’s talk about the ability of BizChat to meet the needs of large businesses and SME users in increasing sales with the convenience of chatting with customers.



The content mentioned how to increase sales by using the BizChat platform has several features that will solve problems associated with chatting to customers.

  • Integrate chats platforms in one place to avoid switching between screens. It can reduce the steps to reply to chat inquiries, respond faster, sell more, and prevent missing chat responses. You can conveniently use it through a browser or app, allowing you to answer the customer anywhere, anytime.
  • Pull comments to open a chat room automatically. Instantly increase the convenience of answering if you post and boost a post. There may be a lot of people commenting under your post. It will force you to go back and look at every single post, which can be a waste of time.
  • Tagging makes it easier to follow customers by choosing a tag color and using tags to classify customers, such as customers who need help, customers interested in the product, or customers who have paid.
  • Manage chat room admins, allows admins to change the moderators of the chat room to be the one that is suitable for the product or customer's needs.
  • Store frequently asked questions and answers in one place. You can organize folders into categories and share them with the team to answer questions in the same direction.
  • Chatbots can help you answer basic questions for you. Or use the time to contact if you are unavailable to respond during that time.
  • Automatic translation system which able to translate 109 languages. Convenient communication for customers who are using foreign languages. No need to switch the screen to use an external translator program. Just type your message and select the language you want to translate.
  • There is a summary of chat response reports for the chat moderators. Like the number of chat rooms that have not been closed, the number of rooms waiting for an answer, and the average amount of time it takes for chat room moderators to answer questions.




In today's world, online business is very important. You should opt for tools that will save you time and increase your sales to enable you to compete and grow in an online market where every business is fiercely competitive.

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Boy is the head of Development team on Taximail. He manages the team of developers in building, improving and innovating Taximail to its full potential. He spends his free time outdoors with family. Also, playing PS4 is one of his favorite recreation.

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