Creating a responsive email template is mandatory for all businesses and individuals who want the recipients to take the emails seriously.

As an email sender, you are not always sure whether the receiver will view the email on a desktop or mobile device. Thats why you must make the email responsive for every device. Otherwise, you may lose a profitable lead.


However, not many people know how they can design or create a responsive email. But dont worry. This article will enlighten you with some tips that can assist you in creating a responsive email template. Here they are!


1. Keep Things Simple

Some emails with many designs and other elements dont work well on various devices. For example, if you have a lot of elements, including gifs, images, URLs, etc., there are a lot of chances that they wont incorporate well, which can destroy the user experience. Thats why professionals suggest keeping things simple while creating an email template. The simpler an email will be, the better it will look on every device.


2. Don’t Fill Your Email with Graphic Elements

Adding graphic elements in the emails is quite beneficial as they perfectly communicate the message and encourage readers to take some positive actions like clicking the URL. However, there should always be a fair proportion between the text and images.

Some platforms consider emails with a lot of graphic elements as spammy emails. So, the emails dont usually reach the receivers. Therefore, while you are designing an email template, you must not use a lot of pictures.


3. Carefully Select the Fonts

There is a wide range of fonts that you can use in email templates to beautify your message. But not every one of them is helpful for you. Many mobile phones dont support a few font styles or typefaces, so when your email is in those fonts, users wont be able to see what you have written in that specific email.

To make your emails responsive, prefer using the standard fonts that every device supports. Otherwise, your emails wont help you achieve the benefits you want.


4. Use Readable Font Sizes

Besides font styles, taking care of their size is also essential. The email templates with small font sizes are usually not readable for mobile users. This is because they have to zoom in to read the text, which not everyone does. Thats why every email body should at least have a 13+ size for the main body and over 18 for titles. Thats how you can make the text readable for everyone.


5. Make Responsive Logo Designs

Logos are a must for every email, giving a professional look and building trust. When you send an email without the company logo, people may think that the email has come from a spammer. But the thing is, sometimes companies dont have mobile-friendly logos, and those logos dont load on various devices.

Many logo creator applications and websites allow everyone to create a logo, but not every logo generator ensures responsiveness. Thats why you must develop logos using a reliable logo maker online that offers responsive logo designs and allows users to get the designs in various formats and dimensions.


6. Use Grid Layout

Always work on grid layout while designing an email template, as they offer more flexibility and responsiveness. The templates made without grids may not be adjusted perfectly. However, when you utilize a grid layout, you ensure it works well on every device.

Taximail has a Drag and Drop tool which is an easy to use. This tool is drag-and-drop blocks with various categories such as text, images, call to action buttons, social media icons, etc. This will make your content organized in a grid structure that is easy to design and display. The result is beautiful as well.


7. Optimize Every Image

Optimized images always perform well on various devices. The heavy-sized images with some uncommon formats sometimes dont load on some devices. Therefore, you should always optimize pictures in every way, from compressing their sizes to choosing the proper formats and making them adjustable. Thats how you can make the most of your emails.


8. Add Responsive Buttons

Creating buttons for call to action is a much better and more professional way to leave a great impression on the email receivers. However, sometimes these buttons may also ruin the user experience, especially when users open emails on mobiles or tablets. You must carefully design these buttons while designing an email template. Otherwise, they may not work properly.


9. Select a One-Column Layout

When it comes to making emails responsive, the layout matters a lot. Thats why you should prefer a one-column layout. However, when you use a multiple-column structure, it may not correctly adjust on everyones screen. So it will create some difficulties for readers, who may not understand what you wanted to communicate. Thats why most professionals use this layout and dont prefer the others.

However, Taximail has a button to turn off the Responsive Layout system to choose from to adjust the display format to suit all devices. You can choose to turn it on to adjust the display in one column on narrow screen devices. You can also choose to turn it off for the same display on both desktop and mobile devices.


10. Ensure Uniqueness of the Email Content

Here is an additional tip for you. Your email should always be plagiarism free and unique. Some email creators dont work a lot on writing the email content themselves. So you may copy some great email content from others to leave a remarkable impression on readers. But the copied content may hit you back and let you get embarrassed in front of your potential clients.

Whether accidental or intentional, plagiarism in an email isnt allowed. So, you should check plagiarism with an online plagiarism checker that finds every single plagiarized phrase or sentence so that you can remove them to save your reputation and generate more leads.

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