An animated GIF is an image encoded in graphics to interchange format (GIF), which allows animated images to be created by the cramming of set frames into a single file for sequential playback.

Gifs are quick and easy to present Dynamic Content, especially in web pages.


Animated GIFs are popular on the internet. They are everywhere from social media and new websites. In the email marketing, it’s now visible to see some animation in the content.


Well, this is one thing that you can make your email stand out and more attractive. There are several ways of using them by using video emails attachments with Javascript, but these techniques are not compatible with the email marketing provider.

Taximail recommends using the GIF because the GIF files are supported by most of the Email Client. But there are some email clients that are not compatible such as Outlook 2007, 2010 & 2013.

They will display only the first frame GIF files contain the first image only which means, if your animation has any important information, it has to be included in the first frame otherwise it will be lost.

With that said, you should choose the first image to display the full content and make sure everyone can see your message and GIF files appears too. Email marketing campaigns with GIF files makes the email more interesting for the readers.




How to Optimize your Animated GIF?

1. Animate the necessary ones

The more the moving parts there are in your image the larger the image file will be when you send out an email. If you will use Adobe Photoshop to Design your animated GIF, animate only the ones that need to be animated.

2. Keep it small

The larger the dimension of the image the larger the file size is. You can crop the image and only animate the image necessary.

3. Keep it short

The fewer the animation frames the shorter your GIF is and the smaller the file size will be. This means good for email.

4. Don’t use rainbow colors

The more colors you use the more file size will be in your animated GIF. Remember to choose only and animate the necessary ones.




What is the compatibility of the Animated GIF?

It is a widely supported file format but GIF does not quite work everywhere. In Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and Windows Phone 7 only the first Fram of the animated GIF will be shown.

You have to make sure that the main information is the first in the frame and your email will still look great.




What to consider with Animated GIFs?

Animated GIFs works best in an email campaign, it will create a buzz for your readers and engages them. But don’t overuse them in your email campaigns. Keep the animated GIFs special to add more value. Use them to draw attention to a key area of your email.

The animated GIFs has made its comeback and if you haven’t tried it on your email campaign, then it is about time. They are a great alternative to video content and they are widely supported. They can add an element of surprise to your emails.


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