Why Is A Mail Server Important?

Many organizations and individual still dismiss the importance of mail server for several reasons such as costs of subscription and maintenance and technical reasons. If you consider the benefits of using an email server, initial resistance to the installation of email server is considered. The best mail servers provide an impressive array of email services like features and functions to improve productivity and communication.



Have you ever wondered about what an email marketing server does?

This is a simple explanation of what you need to know about email server and how it affects your customers.

 When you are sending out an email marketing campaign through your own email server with an important email list you will have to wait to send to all your email list because your email server will be most likely to overload and it will take hours.

 With this server limit, your recipients will receive your email with different period and some could not read your email on the right delivery time. Most recipients check their emails during the day. 

If your email marketing is in bounce or reported as SPAM, you can’t explain it because many times the reliability of the IP address is reduced and contribute to blacklist email. Indeed, they can't reach their destination.




Disadvantages of In-House Email Solutions

This is a much cheaper solution than outsourced exchange email hosting. It has some truth in the fact that in-house email servers can give your business some flexibility and control since you are not paying for storage or low cost. 

Maintaining and security of software leave your business sole responsible for doing all the safety protocols. You hold important data for your company that you have nurtured for a long time.

The internet is very much like the Wild West where there are trojan hijacking computers. There are people stealing data online. This will not put your mind at ease and your business.

Presently, the e-mail marketing strategy is a very phenomenon strategy for the web-based organizations. Actually, it has improved the way of sale and completely changed the concept of marketing. This online marketing technique increased popularity with the rationalization of the cost. This, you can send indefinite e-mails, with just a portion of the cost. It will also help you out in reaching a large number of clients at the least possible time.




Advantages of using Taximail Email Marketing

  • You can track statistics of email such as open / click / device / read or skim / country
  • You will have a tool to create emails
  • Speed sending more than company email server in case of user send large volume email
  • Tools for manage(sync) / filter(segment) list email
  • Technical support and server maintenance hosted and cared for
  • Ensures email deliverability





Email Marketing is a must

In today’s ever-changing digital world, Email Marketing is something very useful that you can use in your organization. Email marketing is targeted, a shareable, credible, measurable and cost-effective tool for your business. A strategic approach, proper guidance, and relevant content, your business will surely benefit from email marketing.



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