Is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their lives.

How can this be relatable to email marketing? Well, as a marketer there are also things you want to accomplish and change to improve your Email Marketing Strategy for this year.

It is good to set big goals, but you need a plan on how to achieve this goal.

Making a list and breaking it down into achievable tasks is a great way to get you one step closer to success.


Make your to-do list…..


Goal: Keep the conversion on the go

You need to get the right message at the right time and to the right person with the use of Email Automation.

1. Say hello to your new customers with the use of automation

2. Send special offers like discounts or new product introduction to your best customers.




Goal: Get rid of repetition task

Automate those simple redundant tasks.

3. Send Email Marketing Survey to follow up the purchases, request feedback and build a strong customer relationship.

4. Customize the order notifications to give your customers a seamless service experience.




Goal: Make use of your best time

Automation adds back time to your day and you can focus more on other things.

5. Use best SEO practices to increase website traffic

Create useful and high content value to increase the level of search engine for your site.

6. Keep your social content engaging all year round.

Photos with real people do not only help your brand but they also work on social platforms.




Goal: Try new things

Do not be afraid of changes and it can also be meaningful.

There are good things that you can try that requires a short learning curve.

 7. Get important Insights about your customers with Google Analytics.

Track clicks from your Taximail campaigns all the way to visit your website. Require the Google Analytics code to be added to your website. The specified custom tag will be displayed as the title of a campaign which you will see in Google Analytic interface.

 8. Grow your audience by encouraging them to use social sharing icons that they can add when they make their email marketing campaign. This is a good way to share with their friends, family or followers and It will drive traffic too.

 9. Build customer loyalty with your new landing pages.

 Landing pages are designed to accomplish a short-term goal by giving a clear call to action. This page can promote pre-sale, giveaways, promotions, free download and more.




Have it your way…

As an email marketer, you can make your own list. You can re-evaluate your previous strategy and apply the change.

You know tour priorities but you can rearrange the order and see which one works best.

In order to know something will work you have to try it. Don’t get stress out when things do not go in your favor.

You have a lot of time to start fresh and learn from the previous fiasco. Having a valuable information from your customer’s data will help you more to make the right decision.


Taximail is a powerful email marketing platform that you can use to execute your email marketing strategy. Signup For Free


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Aek is one of the Software Developer in Taximail. He is comfortable in difficult situations and finding solutions to improve Taximail. With his ability in development language such as PHP, Javascript, Python and commercial experience brought success to the team. He likes to travel and take pictures. Badminton is one of his physical leisure that he enjoys.

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