Using Email Marketing is an inexpensive and easy tool that can help E-commerce entrepreneurs with more benefits for their weekly subscribers.


There was a test of email marketing and it was said to be better than other channels like social media, SEO marketing, and content distribution.


The reason is that you can customize the engagement of the readers and builds a strong relationship with your customers.




There are ways for you to utilize email marketing for your subscriber's list:

  • You can send out Email campaigns with special discounts for a birthday, for holidays, and other occasions
  • Send out product updates and company news.
  • Sure website blog information posts
  • Cart reminder email
  • Loyalty/reward email for your customers that is exclusive to them
  • Product review email

But first, you have to find a suitable email marketing platform for your business.

Building an Email List

How do you build an Email List? What is your lead capture strategy?

There are many ways to do this and one is by placing a clear opt-in form like newsletter sign-up boxes to capture subscribers.

What better way to entice your customers into giving their name and email, is to offer free trials or discounts when they buy or use you’re product or service.

( just an example maybe you can out another design )



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Other methods to build an email list:




Crafting an Effective email 

Emails, by far is the most cost-effective and popular business communication in the market. Billions of emails are sent and received daily.

Subject Line - this is the first impression your subscribers will see and decide if it’s worth reading.

Avoid the following

  • Gimmicky words such as “FREE” or typing it on caps.
  • Customize each email to your customers demographic.
  • Keep it short max. Of 50 characters
  • Be direct and truthful as possible

Reason for Email - You should have clear content of the email that you are sending. It should be easy, comprehensive and relevant to your subscribers whether it’s discount or special offer. The design is important to visually engage your subscribers.


This is a crucial part of your email because this is the action you want to subscribers to do after reading your email. It is more effective when placed in the early part of email than the bottom.




Tips for Optimizing a Campaign 

  • Send email during business hours for an immediate opening.
  • Send valuable information or simply reaching out to establish rapport.
  • Don’t let months pass before sending a new content
  • Send out your transaction email with intervals from a sign-up day, 1week, 3 weeks later etc.
  • Send out your shopping cart abandoned email series.
  • Keep the design of your email as consistent with your brand
  • Do a mobile simulation when designing an email.




Tracking Email Analytics 

Email Statistics will give a full insight into what is wrong or what you can change and duplicate the most effective strategy.

Here are 6 ways to track.

Open rate percentage - this is the rate of subscribers who opened your email, If this is low you can try changing your subject line.

List growth percentage- the rate which your subscribers are growing. For an e-commerce business, you can set the goal to have more subscribers daily.

Bounce percentage- this are those who have not reached the inbox like landing in spam, inactive subscribers or technical error. 

Click through percentages - the subscriber who click the call-to-action button that led to your website. 

Conversion percentages - those subscribers who not only click the linked but as well as completed the action related to the link. 

Pot-out percentages - the rate if the unsubscribe from the list if the result of an email. It can tell you whether are sending too many emails or they are not interested.




When you use email marketing in your e-commerce business this can be a powerful tool when used correctly. You can increase your sales, website visitors and brand awareness. There are many ways you can use email marketing in your business. You can make all of your transactional email and direct email marketing to reach your subscribers on a personal level.

What are you waiting for? Start using email marketing for your business today.


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