How many times it's happening to us? We try to write new email content but we don’t get any ideas. How do you hold them and keep them from unsubscribing to your mailing list? Don’t look for so far away. You can simply repurpose your content archive


There are many alternatives for using previous content into something new.

Create a recap of your old blog posts

Create a summary of all your blog post subject to choose the right one before sending your email marketing campaign. By using this way you can give a new life to your previous blog post.

For example, your purpose is to create a newsletter about marketing, you can check your previous blog posts in order to pick 3 or 4 posts corresponding to your thematic.

Write an ebook

An original way to reuse your content is to reuse it as an ebook. The step are quite easy, you just have to repurpose your content in a designed, consistent, and relevant ebook. This email marketing strategy can be appropriate for sending valuable content to your subscribers.

Gather your data or presentations to build stunning infographics

It’s not a secret anymore, the infographics are powerful to make an impact on the people. Indeed, they memorize much better the images than the text. The infographics can help them to summarize complicated information in some images and charts. The infographics are easy to use in email marketing.

Realize a case studies from your data

Try to gather the data from your products that helped your customers to reach their purposes. You can even find data on your website. Your case studies will help you to get credibility and trust by showing how you helped your customers.

Build video content for your webinar

You got a great success with your webinar but it arrives at a time where your webinar is ignored by the people. That’s the right moment to turn your webinar into tutorial Youtube video. You can embed this videos into your email marketing campaign.

Build a better popularity of your famous blog posts

Your subscribers might not know about your popular blog posts. Gather your posts in a newsletter or email marketing then send them to make know your subscribers about it.

Refresh your old thematics

You will look for the content that got better engagement through KPI such as higher click through, higher open rates, traffic etc. Question yourself to find the ways to refresh your content you have already redacted. Therefore, you may afford you to send an update to your subscribers.

Bestsellers products

If you are an e-commerce website, you can send periodically emails sharing your best selling products. This content is quite easy to send to your subscribers by using images and product information sheets you have already written.

Send an email series

Emails series are perfect for reusing content for example by splitting a long blog post into several parts then you can send it out to your email marketing list in a weekly or monthly newsletter 



To conclude…

People can be annoyed if you bombard them with frequent emails. It has been reported that the frequency of emails has a big impact on why the subscribers leave apart from poorly written content. Compared to other digital marketing channels, opt-in email impacts the decision making to purchase more than social media, ads and the like.




So, how do you minimize the number of unsubscribes?

Don’t annoy people with excessive emails; email once or twice a week – no more.

Ask unsubscribes to come back by offering to reduce their email frequency. - this trick mostly works.

Emails should be well-written and relevant. You have to make sense and know the behavior of your subscribers.

Avoid over-personalizing emails but don’t avoid making them somewhat personal. - in short don’t be too EXTRA.

Be a smart email marketer by practicing these practical and helpful ways to utilize your archive for some valuable contents.


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