Email marketing is one of the best ways to turn clients into loyal customers. 80% of brands use email marketing to manage their customer's retention and 56% answered that email marketing remains the best ways to achieve retention objectives.


Indeed the email marketing drives better the customer's retention by being more direct and personal than other marketing ways and it’s appropriate for creating a trust customers relationship.


Let’s see which kind of email work well to drive retention.


Welcome Emails

To complete a great Welcome Email Campaign, you should introduce your brand and encourage your customers to take action.

The first email you send to your customers should include offers corresponding to your sign up form. For examples 100baths for new subscribers or free shipping for the first order. You can include an introduction to your brand or invite them to follow you on your social network.

To exploit your welcome email campaign don’t hesitate to include a survey to ask your future customers about their shopping habits. Then you could adapt your email marketing campaign according to their habits. It’s an easy way of collecting data from them. 




Cart recovery emails

Around 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart when they process to an online purchase. That’s why the retailers can not afford to not send cart recovery emails.

You can use these 3 steps to create this kind of emails.

  • First, get right to the point and keep your copy short. Remind your customers they have an item in their cart and they just need to click on your email then complete their purchase on your website.
  • Second, include a simple call to action, it must be clear and help them to come back to their shopping cart. Use only one CTA.
  • Third, if you offer free shipping on your website, write it in your cart recovery emails with a small description to let them know. it can be a great leverage to convince them to complete their order.




Loyalty emails

This is a great way to delight and please your customers. In fact, you can build personalized messages using these data.

If your company has set up a loyalty program based on points or rewards, you can send to your customers, updates about their points or their rewards status.




Post-purchase emails

The success of a post-purchase email campaign is to send relevant content to your customers after they’ve done a purchase. You can add and send additional content about the product they bought to get them stimulated about their recent purchase.

The customers really appreciate follow their order, you should send shipping information by using Transactional Email to let them track their order. this is a great opportunity also to recommend the additional products based on their purchases history.

Post-purchase emails is a good way to reactivate customers who didn’t buy on your website for a while. Propose them a discount or a special offer to entice your customers to buy again or leave a feedback about their last purchase. After use, this type of customers retention email, check this email retention list. Collect customers data through surveys: You can start early during your first sending of your welcome email campaigns. Personalized your message with the customer data: You can use this data once you got it such as location, frequency, preferences etc.

Don’t miss out on any of this three emails retention mentioned below: this is the minimum what can do a retailer into a customer retention strategy.

Apply the 20/80 rule to build your transaction emails: the 80% of the email content should help your customers with their purchases. the remaining 20% can be used to include some offers based on their purchase history.




The Friendly Reminder

When there is a major event there should be a friendly reminder to your customers with the same geographical location that you’re hosting an event or new products.
This gives a clear call to action to your customers to participate and generates trust.
A good way to send them a notification with promotional codes to incentivize them when they participate in your event.




The Holiday Gift

With the holiday season fast approaching it is about time to send out Holiday Emails to your customers. But wait, it means that inbox traffic of other companies wanting their attention. So, how do you stand out in the flooded inbox? To ensure your customers will remember you, send an email with a holiday gift inside. Many vendors, like Starbucks and Amazon, now have e-gift cards that can be sent via email to your most valuable customers.





The Market Research Survey

Emailing your Customers a survey is always valuable to gain insight into their use-cases, top products requests, and more. So, a simple survey email can attract more responses with an incredible makeover and give them a prize for doing so. This not only gets customers excited about your brand but will also drive more responses. Include the prize in the subject line for better open rates.

Building a strategy to retain customers, build loyalty and increase customers lifetime value is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and smart work to keep the ball rolling.


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