Email is still a reliable force in digital marketing. It is important because it creates a fast reliable form of communication and easily accessible. It reaches right the inbox right away within minutes.

Benefits of Email

    •    It is more personal & direct medium for communication.
    •    Messages are delivered within seconds around the world.
    •    It allows to save & keep a record of your communication.
    •    Easy to send with no time bound.
    •    You may attach files, documents, images, & other media to an email.
    •    You can access your email from anywhere with Internet connection kept on.

When you send someone email, your email signature—and its message—flashes in their inbox. Done right, this is a powerful persuasion tool.


Here are examples for Email Signature that will get you clicks, traffic and leads.


1. Show Some Contents

To show, don’t tell, this is one unwritten rule of email marketing.
This applies to email signature as well. People are more likely to remember visuals then texts,

An example is a small gallery of images that shows your product will should build curiosity. It will give the people a glimpse of what you have in your social.




2. Promote Upcoming Events

Email signature can help marketers to drive more registration, attendance and post event follow-up.
CTA in all the employees can result in additional, views, clicks and registrations.




3. Link to your Latest Content

Your blog posts is a powerful place that you can leverage especially if it is related to the email subject. It’s like putting it out there in a subtle way for you subscribers attention. This is good if you are sending cold emails too. The subject line should relate to the email signature to gain more clicks.




4. Share a new Ebook

Ebook has always been the easiest way to provide consistent and meaningful value. It never gets old in reaching out to new prospects or customer to pass along helpful contents.  This builds trust and credibility towards your audience.

The email signature should stand and all everyone in your team is sharing the newest ebook. Include a bright and beautiful CTA under the email signature.






5. Promote Sales or Discounts

Every person you need to send an email is a potential customer. It makes sense to include links to any promotion or discount. Give them the importance of showing them the upcoming sale or discount that they could not miss. 




6. Include CTA

The most important part of the of the email signature is the (call to action) CTA. This is the part where you want attention - it can be anything - a link to your ebook, blog or image gallery on social.
You have to consider the design of the CTA to maximize the attention. You can user contrasting colors, banner and cuttons as seen below. Crafting altogether will give you a click worthy email signature.






7. Convert the Qualified Leads

How does your team qualified the leads?

Aside from the triggered emails or phone calls, one one one email support is the most popular. Personalization is important in these emails including clear CTA for the next step to educate your audience and provide away to lead them to the next stage.

Create an email signature that has a relevant content to the right audience will lead to great things for you team.

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