What answer do you get when you ask the marketers when is the best time to send an email?

Many email marketers would say, Tuesday through Thursday in the morning between 8:00 am to 10:00 am. It’s a common knowledge throughout the industry that most people open their email in the morning. With the mobilization going on, more people are on mobile and email occur at all hours, on all devices.

Let’s see how the current email market trend that are creating shifts in open rate and how it will impact our next campaign.

You want to know the best time to send an email because you want more opens and website traffic from your subscribers. Apparently, sending an email marketing on weekend generate 60% higher conversion than the average according to a report.

They analyzed data and from more than 7 billion emails sent during four months. They determine the weekend was a good opportunity for conversion and the Sunday got the second highest email conversion rate, however, the Thursday is the best day to engage with your customers.  
They note through their analysis the right way was to start by sending an email marketing on Thursday and follow up on the weekend even if the best days to send an email campaign to depend on several criteria such as the industry, the season or a specific event.
The fact is, the people never leave their phone and they’re used to check their email even on weekend. They recommend testing different content to get the best one in order to send it to your subscribers.



Let’s try to experiment and send it on weekends at unconventional times


Weekend try

Some promotional emails are sent on the weekends. This creates an opportunity for some business to send a campaign with less competition. Email marketing study shows that promotional emails are well received on the weekends. It has a unique open rate of 17.8% on Saturday and Sunday.


Go mobile

The same study shows that not only are the percent of emails on the weekend rise but also emails are viewed on mobile. You want to make sure that your call-to-action is clear and direct and the links are easy to spot and click no matter what time of the day you are sending.

It varies from the mobile device the recipient is using. In Taximail, you can get all the statistic of the devices your recipients used to open your email. This is such a great help for your campaign stats and you can use this to plan your next campaign. You have device simulation preview to see how your campaigns would look like in over 30 devices. Responsive email design increases the click-through rate.




Other factors

Here are some additional email marketing tips to help with your open rate.

Test your email - make sure it is rendering properly on multiple devices and email service providers.

Review your email list - How old is the list? You have to check if there are emails that need to be removed and how you can grow it effectively.

Subject line - Are you rocking your subject line? This is your brief opportunity to get noticed and opened. As much as the body of your email should be compelling like your subject line. You make take advantage and use the A/B testing in Taximail to see the response of your subscribers.

Frequency - How often do you send an email campaign? Make sure to play it cool and segment your list. Only send an email to those who want to hear from you. Make it relevant to the behavior of your audience.

You should adopt this email strategy according to your data and customers to send an email marketing campaign on the weekend while reaching their target. This strategy offers email marketers an occasion to avoid a crowded inbox when the emails work slow down.


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