The forecasted mobile users in the world is 7.1 billion and is more likely to rise to 7.49B in 2025 billion according to Statista.

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To reach customers around the world and within your country, you need to find effective ways to communicate with them. SMS marketing is a strategy that you can use and potentially turn customers into loyal customers.

As the number of mobile users grows incrementally connecting with your customers using SMS Marketing gives additional touch points for a chance of conversion and engagements.

SMS is the most common for text message used even before the chat apps has been invented. With its simplicity 160 characters in a single text you can deliver your message.


Creating SMS campaign is just a few steps using Taximail.

1. Go to Create new campaign and choose SMS campaign.


2.  Select a list you want to send the SMS campaign.


3. Select your SMS Sender.


4. Create you your SMS campaign message.


5. Voila!  you can send or schedule your campaign.




What SMS can do?

You can enable SMS notifications, automated SMS (transactional sms), sign-up opt-in, order notifications. etc.

An omni-channel approach, SMS Marketing can you grow your existing list by providing if they want to receive news, coupons, promotions, appointment reminder with text message.

SMS plays are role to our day today life. We received messages from brands that we subscribe or news that we await. It is simply a part of the dynamic in communication.


Why businesses should use SMS Marketing?

1. Relationship building with customers

More often than not people check their phones once in every few minutes. This helps capitalize the window of opportunity for SMS Marketing. Personalize the message to your customers to entice them with your offers. 

2. Engage Customers

A short cut way to bring your customers to your website, social media, sales page etc. 

This leverages to engage your customers in various channels.

3. Strengthen your business service

SMS Marketing is one of the core marketing initiatives that marketers invest with as a part of their marketing strategy. This utilizes the mobile number that you have from your customer and be able to reach them in different way. Short and direct. 

4. Useful in many industries 

SMS Marketing is an excellent tool that can be used in many industries. One of the fastest way to connect with customers from E-commerce business, Retail business, Insurance, Airlines, Real Estate, Hotels, Non-profit, professional services and many more. 




Types of SMS that you can send

  • Abandoned cart
  • Special offer
  • Discount codes
  • Giveaways
  • Special event notification
  • Personalized promos like birthdays/anniversary
  • Loyalty programs
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