Generate leads from email marketing and send them to CRM software - Integration of Firmao CRM with Taximail


In this article, we will show how to connect Firmao with Taximail, and what you can use this integration for. It is extremely simple because it is done through Zapier.

Firmao is a Polish CRM / WMS process automation software available in the cloud. Dedicated to small and medium-sized companies, and thanks to its modular design, it provides a unique ability to quickly and easily adapt to the specific needs of any company. Firmao can be easily integrated with more than 1,000 external IT systems. Firmao is a European alternative to American systems such as Salesforce, HubSpot, India's Zoho, and Russia's Bitrix24.

Zapier is a platform that allows you to integrate different applications and tools, which allows you to automate your work. The integration between Zapier, Firmao and Taximail allows for the automatic transfer of data between these platforms. When you create a New Invoice in Firmao, the data will go straight to Taximail and in result it will send Email or SMS. This allows you to automate many time-consuming activities and ensures that you have up-to-date data.


Zapier - Triggers and Actions

The integration between Zapier, Firmao and Taximail offers various Triggers and Actions to automate the flow of data between these platforms.

Triggers: are the events that trigger automatic actions in the integration. For example the trigger can be a New Task, Invoice, Deal, Company in Firmao.

Actions: are the specific actions that are taken as a result of triggers. For example, when a new Company is added in Firmao, an Email, SMS message can be sent to a client from Taximail.


What needs to be done to connect applications in Zapier?

Firmao: Log into your account, click in to the button on the right corner (with letter A - admin), click “company settings”. On the left you’ll have different categories - click on Integrations. On the top click on “API”, then click “Enable API”. Here you’ll have API login and Password - that’s the credentials needed for you to sign in Zapier. You can set the rest simply via Zapier.

Taximail: Log into your Taximail account. In the left menu, click “Integrations”. Create new integration and click on “API Key”. Fill in the name, select permissions which you want to give to Zapier. Activate the integration - it’ll result in creating API Key and Secret key, which you’ll need to use when connecting Taximail to Zapier.



How to create working Zap:

We will show you how to create a working Zap with Taximail as a Trigger and Firmao as an Action - of course you can test it yourself and do other interesting Zaps using those softwares together - many opportunities await!

1. Choose a trigger Taximail - this will be the factor that will trigger automation , ex. Link Clicked.
2. Configure the first step. Fill in the data.
3. Check the data and test the performance of Zap.
4. Configure second stage - Select Firmao and choose what action the trigger should activate, ex. when someone clicks on the link, a new Deal will appear in Firmao.
5. Fill in the data - create the Deal’s template - select priority, create name, select currency.
6. Test the performance of Zap.
7. The automation is ready! As a result, when someone clicks on the link from the email campaign, the deal will arrive in Firmao, notifying your sales team.

Preparing the whole Zap took less than 5 minutes. Of course there is more than one way to create the Zap. Test it yourself to find the perfect connection between our softwares.



How you can benefit using Taximail with Firmao

There is no doubt that integrating Firmao with Taximail can significantly improve overall efficiency in your company. Here are some key benefits that we want to highlight:

1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: By automating communication through sms and email, you can engage with customers more effectively. Automated messages can be triggered based on customer behavior, such as creating a new task, a new invoice or a new deal.

2. Improved Lead Management: Integration enables better lead management of potential customers. A subscriber who previously unsubscribed clicks the subscribe button again and then a new sales opportunity appears and a new company is added in Firmao CRM. This helps in tracking and nurturing leads more efficiently, leading to higher conversion rates.

3. Personalized Interactions: With CRM integration, you can access customer data and preferences. When a subscriber unsubscribes from an email, there is an automatic notification in the CRM system to remove that subscriber from the list.

4. Data synchronization: All communication data is centralized in the CRM system and automatically updated.

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