Nowadays, we live in a digital world where technology is used in everyday activity. From waking up to falling asleep everyone relies on technology for more convenience. When using a smartphone there are many applications downloaded that are used in communication, finance, entertainment, as well as work for meetings, data collection, communicating with customers or CRM (Customer relationship management).

In the work environment Technology is very important for productivity. It is a tool that is used for various day to day tasks. In terms of Martech (Marketing Technology) it us used in planning, building a brand, communication with customers, increasing sales, analyzing marketing results etc. In which the marketers need Martech to help with their work efficiently and most companies utilizes this.

Martech implementation helps using Automation system to help manage and increase convenience for marketers by saving time and work on more important things.

When you think of Martech automation tools what does come to your mind?

Most of professional Marketers recommend Zapier because it is a tool that can connect to multiple applications to work together. Currently, it can be used to 5,000 applications from around the world without users needing to have knowledge to writing a code or assistance from technical team.


How does Zapier work?

The principle of Zapier is that it is automated system that connects the data from one location to another. The user has to define the flow and when it starts according to specified event ( Triggers), the system will perform the action (Action) in the next step automatically. For example, you can create a work flow to automatically send out customers list to your CRM system which then Zapier will pull across platforms for you.
Nornally this task needs a technical developer to implement but if you use Zapier you can do it for your convenience.

Benefits of using Zapier

Connect Application

You can use Zapier to easily pull data across systems or Applications without any coding skills. Currently, Zapier can connect to more than 6,000 Application from around the world Covering all types of work from Commerce, Communication, Content & Files, Human Resources, IT Operations, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Marketing, Sales & CRM, Website & App Building and so on.

Reduce the use of people

In terms of marketing work, if you want to retrieve data from an Application to store the data or use it automatically you need a team Developers or IT professionals to use the API (Application Programing Interface) to connect to the data and implement it. If you don’t have a team in the field mentioned above you can use Zapier instead of hiring an Outsource to work for you.

Shorten the working time

Working with various Application can help you reach your goals but you need to take time to managse the tasks that will arise by bringing information from one place to another place. From an instance, if you use a Google Form when you get a customer list you need to bring those list to the CRM you use and use them for email marketing. These steps you can use Zapier to automate for you so you can save time in doing this repetitive routines.




Connect Taximail with Zapier

Now you can use Zapier to connect Taximail with other Applications from around the world. You can use Taximail as both the start of the flow which is (Trigger) and can use Taximail to perform different actions (Action).


You can use Taximail as Trigger in many ways:

- Email Opened used as Trigger when someone opens an email from a specific campaign.

- Link Clicked used as Trigger when someone clicks a specific link in your campaign.

- Resubscribe used as Trigger when someone Unsubscribe comes back to click  Subscribe button again.

- Unsubscribe used as Trigger when someone Unsubscribes from your email.


Example of Taximail used as Trigger

When someon opens an email (Email Opened) from the campaign you specify. Let the system import those emails. Then import into the Google Sheet that you automatically created.

pic 02.jpg

From the above example, you can switch to other Triggers from Taximail. Example, use clicks from the links you specified and use the Actions to collect or use data at the Application you want.


In terms of using Taximail as Action you can use it in many ways as follows:

- Add Subscriber's Tag use it as an Action when you want to Tag an email.

- Remove Subscriber's Tag use it as an Action when you want to Tag an email.

- Send Email use an Action when sending an email.

- Send SMS use an Action to send an SMS

- API Request (Beta) use an Action to use the connection to API with Taximail


Using Taximail as an Action for example

When someone fills in the information in the Google form, the Taximail system sends an email (Send Email) informing product information or discount code automatically to an email.


From the above example, you can change he Trigger to Facebook Lead ads, CRM or other other Applications that the customer subscribe to and can change other actions from the Taximail system for example to send information via SMS instead.

Depending on the Zapier Action package you use, you can create the flows using more than one Action (Multi-step).




In Summary

The main purpose of using Zapier is to solve the problems arising from many march deployments which require a process to store or migrate data until a repetitive and routine task has been dealt with all the time. So using Automation from Zapier solves the above task and save you time and can help make your life easier.

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