First of all, let’s see together what is a permission-based email marketing: somebody allows you to do something, so the recipient allows you to contact him by email with email marketing from your company.


What benefits can you get from this permission-based email marketing?


Develop a good company reputation
When you use the data that not belong to you and from several sources, it can damage your image. Using permission-based-email-marketing, you’re using the right approach to ask your customers if they would like to receive your emails. You will save time and create a great relationship with them while avoiding to be marked as spam.




Follow the Anti-Spam rules
If you get the agreement of your consumers, you’ll protect your emails from spam, only if your emails marketing are well done. Many laws can give a high penalty if you are spamming consumers with not requested emails. permission-based email marketing will stop your emails to become spam and affect your email deliverability as well.




Favored by your customers
80% of the consumers, in general, prefer to be joined by email compared to others channel however they can annoy them if the content is inappropriate. The phone and the SMS are in general received badly by the customers because they're too intrusive. With the emails, they can read them quietly the content and answers to the message when they get free.




Boost your ROI
From his cost and his facility to send without print any paper, we know already the email marketing is the best ROI you can get, this is why the marketers give priority to this channel.




Personalization opportunity
don’t be generic while you're writing an email, that’s your opportunity to set a good consumer relationship. In effect, the recipients look first where the email is from. If he has chosen to receive your email marketing that’s mean he’s interested in your products.




Send the right message faster
With the actuals technologies, the emails are able to achieve the customers in some time. Through the permission-based email marketing, you get better opportunities to keep your customers informed quickly with new information.




Better engagement rate
By getting opt-in, your customer has manifested the interest in your company. So, they’ll probably engage with your email content, particularly if your email is personalized. You will get a better open rate and click-through rate.




Boost the Success of your Digital Marketing Strategies

Combining permission-based email marketing with other digital marketing efforts can dramatically increase your chances of success by adding valuable touch points.

For example, if you want to make an advert, instead of encouraging people to call a number or visit your website, have potential consumers complete a form to capture their email address in exchange for the coupon.

It is more natural and you can follow-up them — a reason to keep in touch. You can send an email reminder with a strong call to action to use the coupon or make an appointment.

With email marketing, you can turn a one-dimensional campaign into a full volume, a dynamic campaign with multiple valuable touch points and organic lead capture.

Often overlooked by small businesses, email has been around longer than most other digital marketing channels. Older doesn’t make it any less effective. In fact, a majority of consumers expect it. It is how you present it and make use of the features in your email marketing platform like Taximail.

Permission-based email marketing can benefit your company too. Next time someone may be scrolling through their email and take action on your campaign.

Give it a try and see how you convert!


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