Test and Optimize extremely

Before you send any campaign, we offer the powerful tools to help you get more confidence and meet your goal.

Ensure the compatibility of your email content in any environment by previewing screenshots of your email through more than 30 devices and apps.

Launch an A/B testing to test your subject line, call to action or your content. Set the test duration, the test size and determine the winner conditions. The winner version will be automatically delivered to remaining recipients.

We go on a spam diagnosis according to 5 popular softwares: SpamAssassin, Trend Micro InterScan Messaging, Microsoft Exchange, Barracuda Spam Firewall and Symantec Email Security.cloud to ensure top deliverability.

Discover valuable Insights and Analysis

See how your emails are performing with in-depth analytics.

Obtain the valuable statistics immediately after sent out your email marketing campaign on desktop, tablet or smartphone wherever you are.

Taximail will help you gather more sophisticated information about the recipients: Domain, Devices, Email clients, Geolocation.

Just tag your campaign and get the combined report instantly. Monitoring the performance of continuous campaigns have never been easy like this.

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Taximail integrates with ease your system via our API.

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We offer you a personal assistant to help you deliver and ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns and assist you throughout your email marketing strategy.

Taximail provide a personal assistant to send out your email marketing campaign

A few frequently asked questions

Free plan means free forever?

Yes, free plan is forever taking advantage of Taximail with no credit card required to open an account. You are entitled to 2,000 subscribers with 5,000 email credits every month. Free plan restriction are you cannot remove the “Powered by Taximail” logo in your email footer and you are entitle to email support only.

Do you also provide the email list?

We regard our client’s email databases as highly confidential information. It is not our company policy to sell or distribute any email databases to third parties. Our services encompass sending and managing your email marketing campaigns as well as monitoring, optimizing, and making strategic recommendations based on acquired campaign statistics to help you grow your email list.

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