Can you imagine after working hard on your email marketing campaign, you realize it doesn't reach client's email?

Taximail thought about this obstacle and decide to launch a new feature that allows you to preview your email marketing directly in an email inbox.

In the digital environment of email marketing platforms and internet browsers most especially mobile device plays a part in several consumption habits. By knowing this you are sure that your message will reach your customers whatever device, email provider or browser they use.


Nowadays the customers read their emails mainly on mobile, a report from Experian demonstrated people delete or unsubscribe from email list when they receive an email marketing that is not displayed properly.


With our email marketing preview, you’ll save time and be peace of mind. Our feature allows you to preview instantly your email campaigns through desktop clients and main mobile webmails.




Make sure to include: 

  • Your logo, company name or other indicating your brand. This is especially important if your subject lines aren’t strongly recognizable. Subscribers are far more likely to open emails from senders they know and trust.
  • Compelling content. Hook subscribers with an irresistible offer or interesting tease near the top – don’t let them slip and hit the trash.
  • Table of contents, if you have enough content. Anyone of your article titles could grab readers from the inbox. Make sure to utilize them well.
  • Call to action. Some viewers may feel they don’t have time to read your email, but your call-to-action piqued their interest. Seeing in the email inbox preview lets you see if this is an attention grabber.




Case Below are some benefits to preview your email campaign:

Don’t waste your time: Before sending your emails you can run this quick test, the email inbox results are done quickly.

Save your money: Previously this tools might be expensive. Now you can preview plenty of emails for free through our packages.

Fix the bugs: Before you send your email marketing campaign
Use wisely the segmentation by enhancing your email personalization to reach email client. Get the peace of mind by realizing your content and design are appropriate for your subscribers. 




This is how it works

You will be able to preview your email marketing or newsletters through up to 30 apps and devices client to be sure that your email is compatible with all email clients.

Our platform will open your email without any modifications from the email clients.

We'll capture screenshot in high quality that looks exactly what your subscribers see.

You will receive the preview in email client just a few seconds after sending your test.

Checking your emails one last time is a vital step for your email marketing campaign as it ensures that your email campaign will look perfect when reaching to client’s inbox.

So, take advantage of our email inbox preview feature and see your content before you hit SEND.

What are you waiting for? Start your email campaign today with Taximail.


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Mook is a Senior Support Specialist in Taximail. She provides technical assistance, service, and training to Junior Support Specialist. Solving clients problems in a timely and efficient manner is her strongest suit. She is fashion enthusiast and a frequent traveler.

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