It’s the time of the year that the marketers are mapping out their marketing strategy for the rest of the year. They are beginning to propagate the trends list.

Aren’t you curious of what about to take the digital email marketing landscape this year?

Well, we have listed some of the trends that will guide you in curating your digital strategy for 2019.

Personal Touch still Reigns Supreme


Email marketing makes the life of the marketers easier in so many ways. You don’t have to wait anymore to send that email at the right date at the right time. With the help of automation, you can simply set the email to send automatically by scheduling it.


At the end of your email campaign, it comes very handily that you can export the result and assess how well did this campaign perform.

This also doesn’t mean that the human touch is gone because of automation because it will still be included along with the process.

According to research, people agree that using personalization is the key to boost the engagement of customers.


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CR: MarketSource


There will be more technology coming to follow for the years to come.

Just don’t forget your human touch when you are doing automation.




CRO is an Important Metric

What is CRO? Conversion Rate Optimization, this is to boost the site visits and content who will buy or convert. It is a crucial part of every marketer's effort.

CRO tools will become more advanced in implementing effective marketing campaigns.

Virtual reality and augmented reality will have a plan in CTO as well. Interactivity matters on your whole website, not just the landing pages or the sales page.


Content is Essential

Killer contents is necessary a trend that would never go out of style. You should write your own killer content. The blogs are still very relevant and lots of people still read online when they are searching online. In 2019, continue to write highly targeted, engaging pieces that you’ve always written. You can include this in your automated emails as a means of providing value to your leads.


Find ways to make them come back

We know that at some points that lead they become disengaged for many reasons. While thinking of figuring out those reasons, you need to focus on getting them back instead.

Automation makes it easier to reconnect with your disengaged customers. As an example, you can send an automated cart emails imploring your customers to come back. Sending campaigns that remind them to stock-up or re-order before they ran out of a certain product is simple but helpful across other industries.


Don’t Stop Sending Transaction Emails

Transactional emails are like part of the daily grind in email marketing. These are password reset emails, receipts, purchase product confirmation, shipping and delivery confirmations to name a few.

Essentially they are the emails that the customers anticipate to receive and feel secure doing business with a company. They want to know if their order went through, when it will get there and track their orders. If they made a change to their account they want to get confirmation of that.

Transactional emails like those are high in open rates because they are important emails that customers don’t want to miss out on.


Automated email list Saves time and Get Higher Leads

Everyone wants to have a qualified lead and through segmentation will help you achieve it,

Nurturing your leads and boosting the relationships until the leads make a purchase.

Increase in Visual Automation Workflow

The visual automation workflow builders are ideal for those who are more visual learners.

Like setting up a welcome registration email automation below.


Personal Data Consent is still the Forefront

With respect to GDPR rules, it is important that we have the consent of our customers for us to send the emails that they would want to hear. With the kick off of General Data Protection Regulation last May 25th, 2018, companies got busy asking their customers to review and ask for their consent in what kind of emails they wanted to receive from you. This compliance will be around and it is best that you will have no legal sanctions under this rule.

It is also more strategic in the sense that you give your customers the right to opt out anytime if they are no longer engaged in your business. You may send ask them to re-engage before that even happens. If your email campaigns are relevant and can resonate to their values then you are in a safe place. You will have a loyal customer if you pull this off.




Final words…

Every digital marketer wants to be in the know with the latest trends to scale up their business.

It takes knowledge and experience to know what works for you and what doesn’t work for you.

With the help of AI, it will give you clearer data that reflects on your campaign report and map out your email marketing strategy.

Another year to celebrate, learn and grow your business exponentially with the help of this email marketing trends this 2019.

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