BizChat a new app that keeps your social apps in one place

Here’s how it works

BizChat is a new platform that brings all your messaging apps together in one place. You can take advantage of the leading chat platforms like FB Messenger, LINE Official, Telegram, WeChat, and more to communicate with your customers.


With so many messaging apps, it will be hard to keep track of all your messages. Especially for businesses who have many social channel presence and juggling multiple apps to cater for its customers.


The BizChat features include bot integration, auto-translation, share frequent answers, tagging, transfer chat to another agent, auto reply to comment, notification, manage team and so much more.



Communication is the foundation to build a successful relationship with your customers and your business. There are array of options that your team can communication in this modern day of tech savvy individuals. This is were you can make use of the team messaging apps to simplify the business communications and adopt to your business to engage your customers faster.


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Benefits of using messaging app for your business

1. Real-time communication

The messaging app are great way to share information directly to your customers and assign a team to handle inquiries. By using chat bot integration your team can send snippets of information back and forth. The benefits of adopting a work messaging app for your business without clogging the inboxes. It is instant, simple, bite size communication capabilities within the convenience of an app.

2. Task management  

This is great for large businesses with multiple teams. The system can create a separate team to manage independently and each team will only see the information they need. You can manage your team smoothly. The admin can transfer the chat room agent at any time. There is the flexibility to assign chat agent that is suitable to answer related questions from customers.

3. Providing customers with choices

Having a choice where your customers can reach to you in their preferred chat channels speeds up the process significantly. It also shows them you care and in turn increases the custom the customers satisfaction rate and makes them loyal to your company.

4. Manage peak periods

Using live chats, you can assist your customers during peak periods of your business. You can set chat agents schedule to meet the demand. Especially when you’re running campaigns or online promotion events. Your busiest time can be managed easily with ease.

5. Increase sales and conversions

By using one app this can potentially increase sales. While potential customers browsing your site, they will have questions about your product or services. Having the option of which chat channels they can connect to you will make the communication faster. Using the live chat with your chat agents your customers will reach buying decisions faster that will lead to increase in sales. This is what makes chat platforms powerful.

6. Build trust with customers

Now that we have pivoted to online transactions and going to brick and mortar shops are the least option. Building a rapport in the sales process is very important in businesses but online may seem the customers will be skeptical. However, using chat and communication directly with a live sales person will allow you to build trust with your customer and close the gap between online and offline purchases.

7. Remove language barriers

For international businesses, it is an advantage to be able to communicate to different customers in their own language. Using the auto-translation you will be able to translate 109 languages. Your messages will be translated back and forth in real-time the moment your customer engages with you.

8. Engage customers 24/7

A great way to engaging your customers 24/7 is by using chatbots. You can populate the frequent questions of customers with instant answers to common sales or support-related inquiries. This can significantly improve operational efficiency and leads to better customer support experience. Chatbots will not be able to handle complex inquiry, so by assigning a chat agent will make the the task easier.

9. Take advantage of your social media presence

Having social media presence gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers conveniently. Keep your information accessible when they checking out your product. Having those social platform in a single place will be easier for your team to manage the customers interaction. 

10. No waiting queues

The customers can reach out to you quicker without having to wait and get the information they need faster. The chat agents can handle multiple customers at the same time in the convenience of an app or web browser.




Keeping track of these multiple apps and accounts can be overwhelming. 

The unified messaging streamlines your customer support because you can use Bizchat to answer your customers inquiries from FB Messenger, LINE Official, Telegram, WeChat and more easily.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your business productivity and organize your social platform in one place Bizchat is worth checking out.

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