List importing

Import your recipient’s list by using copy-and-paste or uploading the Microsoft Excel or CSV files or fetching from Facebook Lead, Salesforce and Google Contact.

List Synchronization

Periodically synchronize your list with your MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases with secure protocols.


Determine who your targeted audiences and define your segment conditions with multiple relevant criteria rules in your lists to sending the right contents to the right person.

Custom Fields1
Any extra fields added to a list are called custom fields. They can be used to store additional contact information such as a subscriber's address, city, country, or birthday.
Adaptive Suppression List
The hard bounce was manipulated by the suppression list. The duration of suppression depend on each hard bounce reason and bounce history.
Use domain you already own
Use a domain you already own to send out your email marketing campaign. All email’s header, links and image’s urls will be applied.
Multiple Users2 & Permissions
This feature enables you to invite multiple users to access and manage your Taximail account, such as lists or reports, without having to share your own login credentials with them.
1 You can add up to 50 custom fields to each list. Each custom field value has a data limit of 1024 characters.
2 You can invite up to 20 people in a Taximail account.