Sending the campaign marketing or transactional emails from your website, CRM software and marketing tools with easily embedding only a few lines of code via our RESTful API.

SMTP Relay with Secure TLS

If you are integrating Taximail with an existing application, setting up the application to use our SMTP relay is easiest, as it only requires modifying SMTP configuration.

Transactional emails

Automate and program your triggered email marketing sent according to the action taken from your customers or on actions they were targeted. Rely on our SMTP relay or RESTful API to send out your transactional emails.

Google Analytics Integration

Filtering the "Source as Taximail" or "Medium as email" or "Campaign as your specified tag" in Traffic Sources menu on Google Analytic to segment your results.


Get immediately trigger-based data from your recipients in JSON or XML format. The trigger requires an endpoint url to push the data when "Open", "Click" and "Unsubscribe" occur.