Let’s delve into how AI can help marketers with their email marketing content.

Isn’t it daunting when you don’t have so much idea on what would be the next captivating email marketing campaign to make?

With other preparations, products, promotions, art work and all the necessary stuff. We all know that contents should be compelling enough for your subscribers to click the call to action you want them to do. Whether it’ll be clicking on the buy button, learn more information about the product or contact the sales directly. Each step is integral for creating an effective email marketing campaign.

Consumer nurturing in the customer journey is very important because repeat customers spend 67% more than the new ones. They know your company or products already and they are in your loyalty cycle. 82% of companies find retaining customers is more cost effective. The 65-75% of revenue comes from existing customers. Therefore, investing in customer retention for long-term payoff is a must. This increases the LTV (life time value) of customers.

Research found that existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more in average compared top new customers. (Resources: Forbes)

Engaging your loyal customers can lead to growth and brand affinity.

In Taximail, we know that we are on the AI Era and it is a part of the evolving technology that is gonna be a part of our lives. Adaptation in the tech trend is a must to improve our service. Therefore, we have added a new feature “Generate Content” using AI

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Here’s how to use it.

Drag the text box and check on the formatting on the right hand side.

Click on the Generate content feature.


You can enter the summary of the content you want to generate. Then choose what industry are you in and what is your marketing goal. It is important to choose the tone of the message as well.

An example content generated for a new product launch.





Benefits of using AI to create email content

1. Create differentiated content: AI can receive commands and information you give then process it from the other existing data. IA has a large data source and can access a lot of data. Therefore, you may get a new style and perspective in writing content by using AI to help enhance your content.

2. Added convenience: You can let AI help create the content for you on the Create Email  Content page you are working on without having to switch screens, log in or download additional programs. All you have to do is enter your information and needs a few steps for AI to write your content.

3. Saves time: It will save you more time searching of inspiration or information from other places. AI will help you write the content with the keywords that you input or information that you are looking. AI will process and come up with variety of answers for you to choose from. You can choose that one that is relevant to your organization or business.

4. Reduced manpower: There are people interested in email marketing automation but have to give they don’t have a team to think about the content and send the email campaigns. For those who lack marketing team or don’t have a content creator team, you can use AI as assistant in creating an email content easily.

5. Content for readers: Communicating to your target audience is important. Once you know the target audience you should set tone or words in the content that matches the audience such as using of formal words or using friendly words. AI helps to write the tone of content that is compatible for the reader the most. This will help convey the right email campaign to the right audience.

6. Targetable: You can set the goals for using the content by choosing the campaign objective, what is the purpose of your email such as brand awareness or sales-focused content. Once you’ve set your goals, AI will come up with the content that matches your goal. With simple tweaks you can make it better.


Email marketers can use AI to add content generated by AI but you also need to add your personal touch to humanize it and resonate with your brand. You can use story telling to humanize the email campaign of your new product or whatever it is that you want to convey with your marketing campaign.

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