Finding the right mix of product in your emails marketing can build a subscriber’s interest and generate revenue.

Let me walk you through with the 4 strategies and examples and see how you convert them.


Strategy 1: Email open rate

To improve your email engagement, create a mix of interesting product offer and bundle discounts.

First of all, try to attract your subscribers to open your email by using the right subject line. It can be a countdown, seasonal offers or a product. You have to indicate the sense of urgency without overdoing it. 

Marketers are used to spending most of their time to create the subject line. 


Avoid sales words such as ''reminder'', ''help'', ''percent off'' or ''free''. You can personalize with people's name but this personalization is overused then try instead to personalize your email subject line with their city name. For each email marketing campaign sent, don't use the same subject lines an create always new ones. 

Keep it in mind ''shorter is better'' don't write more than 6 words and 50 characters. 

They have noted that subject to question performs better.


The email from cotton On and Just Jeans insist on time-sensitive offers.




Strategy 2: Click rate

All right your recipient has opened your email, now your next goal will be to encourage him to click on your email via a content enough engaging.

To improve your click rate you should include an interesting mix of products with a price point and discount.

This example below from Julep include a top section with a discount of up to 85%. This retailer focused on different product for the end season.  


This offer is working because it’s large enough to convince any type of purchaser to get action by clicking on your email. They add a second offer in addition by offering a free savvy gift with 50$ up.




Strategy 3: Sale driving

You can start by analyzing what makes your recipients click your past emails. Indeed it can help you to predict what they’ll click in the future. Basically, they will click on your call to action and other buttons or the logo. Special offers and discounts will receive a high click rate. So to drive your sale, implement your best sales.

After they purchase and you could use some buyer data on your website, send them cross-selling emails with similar items. it a big help to drive sales.

In the example below, the company sends some accessories to complement the order bought previously. This is a way of persuading the customers to buy more with their free will.



In the email series below, we can see the company offers directly 15% off for the next purchase in cross-selling email items. Finally, they propose to review the purchase recently bought by offering 10$ off for the next order. This is a perfect example of cross-selling emails.






Strategy 4: Excess inventory sale

Unfortunately, retailers may need to sell previous product collection, old product or unsold article. In these case, you should offer special discounts through an email campaign. You may include an add to cart button directly in the email that you can trigger if a recipient abandons the check-out process.



The email above represents a great example including an abandoned cart email with a call to an action ‘’ restores my cart’’. In addition, the copy is using a funny ton with a lovely dog.




Email e-commerce examples


Abandoned Cart Emails 

Basically, these are emails used on repeat or new customers who have added items to their baskets then left your website. 

You can increase your revenue by 50% by implement this abandoned cart emails. They offer the highest conversion rate and CTR as well. 

Send within 1 days abandoned cart emails to remind your customers to complete their purchase or you can send an abandoned cart email series with a follow up 3-5 days after they left your website. Typically offer a discount or promotions for the products. 


Cross-selling emails

These emails are sent to the customers who have purchased an item. The objective of this email campaigns is to propose additional product according to their previous purchase  

There are 3 kinds of cross-selling emails:

Category cross-selling emails: Send items after your customers buy a category of product from a campaign. For example, let's say he bought a present for dad collection you can send out a cross-selling email include present from mom collection.

Any product cross-selling email: Include similar product or product bought together as Amazon does on his product page ''Frequently Bought Together'' 

Receipt cross-selling email: These emails are focused on friend recommendation or review on a product. You should know that more than 70% of your recipient will open this email.


Email promotions offer

There are multiple ways to send out a promotion offer via emails. it may be to propose a discount product on the website or offer new products with a promotion for the launch. you can segment your list according to this 3 segment ideas:

High average order value customers: Help this customer find all the items they are looking for by proposing them bundle or subscription boxes

Discounts customers: these customers buy your product only when they offer a discount or special sales. 

value customers: They are not interested so much in buying a product with discounts they prefer the exclusivity or news products


Re-engagement emails

Customers loyalty emails are based on building a strong relationship with the customers. You can win back the customers who have not purchased from your website setting a timeframe.  

Life events email: before sending out this kind of email you should get some customers information. You can send out a birthday email campaign with a special discount to encourage them to purchase on your website.

Win back emails: They include a discount as well as a message to encourage customers to come back to the website. 

Stock alert emails: These emails are sent when a product has reached the period of usage, for example, if a customer buys skin cares or a coffee machine with filters you can remind him to renew and buy again this consumer product.


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