Email and SMS marketing are both effective tools for reaching your audience and promoting your business. Email marketing is great for sending targeted messages to a large audience, while SMS marketing is ideal for delivering immediate, time-sensitive messages with high open and response rates. 

Both can be effective for promoting your business and engaging with your audience, and choosing the right approach will depend on your business goals and audience preferences.


Let’s breakdown into bite size benefits of Email Marketing and SMS Marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Higher conversion rates: Email marketing typically has higher conversion rates than other forms of digital marketing, such as social media or search advertising.

Targeted messages: With email marketing, you can segment your list and send targeted messages to specific groups of subscribers based on their interests or behavior.

Cost-effective: Email marketing is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of marketing, making it a great option for businesses on a budget to nurture the life cycle of customers.

Easy to track: Most email marketing platforms provide analytics that allow you to track open rates, click-through rates, and other important metrics that is valuable to your business.


Benefits of SMS Marketing:

Immediate delivery: SMS messages are delivered instantly, making them ideal for time-sensitive promotions or alerts.

High response rates: SMS messages have higher response rates than other forms of marketing, with some studies showing that as many as 45% of recipients respond to SMS messages.

Personalized communication: SMS messages are typically short and to the point, making them ideal for personalized communication and engagement.


Here are few tips on how to Boost your Engagement:

Personalize your messages: Use the recipient's name and other relevant information to make your emails and SMS messages feel more personal and targeted.

Segment your audience: Divide your email and SMS subscribers into groups based on their interests, behavior, or other relevant information. This allows you to send more targeted messages that are relevant to each group.

Use clear language: Keep your messages short and to the point. Use simple language that is easy to understand, and make sure your calls to action are clear.

Provide value: Make sure your messages provide value to your subscribers. This could be in the form of discounts, exclusive content, or helpful tips.

Test and optimize: Use A/B testing to see which types of messages and subject lines are most effective at engaging your audience. Use this data to optimize your future campaigns.

Timing is important: Be strategic about when you send your emails and SMS messages. Consider the time zone of your recipients, and avoid sending messages during times when they are unlikely to check their emails or phones.

Make it easy to unsubscribe: Provide a clear and easy way for subscribers to unsubscribe from your emails. This not only keeps you compliant with regulations, but also ensures that your audience is engaged and interested in your content.

Now that you know the pros and tips for using email and SMS, you can combine them with the pros and techniques of email and SMS communication. This will increase the communication channels that are suitable for the recipient, content, situation, and moment. It will also encourage customer engagement and increase the likelihood of making a purchase decision.




Use of automation to send emails and SMS

Email Marketing Platform with Automation will greatly increase the convenience for users. You just need to create a automation flow in advance. The system will automatically process the events in the order that you have set until the end. It shortens the working time and you don't have to work multiple times. It can effectively increase accuracy and repeatability.

With Taximail's automation system, you can create automation flows to send both emails and SMS continuously. For example, set the system to send the first email and automatically send SMS notifications to those who haven't opened their email.

Example of Email Automation Scenario

You run an e-commerce website that sells clothing, and you want to send an automated series of messages to new customers who sign up for your email list. You want to send an email welcoming them to your site and offering them a discount on their first purchase, followed by an SMS reminder a few days later to encourage them to use the discount.


Email #1: Welcome and Discount Offer

Subject: Welcome to our website! Enjoy a 15% discount on your first purchase

Hi [First Name],

Thank you for signing up for our email list! We are excited to have you as a new customer. To welcome you to our website, we are offering a 15% discount on your first purchase.

To claim your discount, simply use the code WELCOME15 at checkout. This offer is only valid for the next 7 days, so don't wait too long to take advantage of it!

If you have any questions about our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

We are here to help.

Best regards,

[Your Company Name]

SMS #1: Discount Reminder

Hi [First Name], 

This is a friendly reminder that your 15% discount on your first purchase expires in 3 days! Use the code WELCOME15 at checkout to take advantage of this offer. Happy shopping!



Email #2: New Arrivals

Subject: Check out our new arrivals!

Hi [First Name],

We hope you enjoyed your first purchase with us! We wanted to let you know that we have just added some exciting new items to our website.

Take a look and see if there's anything you like. And don't forget, as a valued customer, you can use the code NEWARRIVALS10 for a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Best regards,

[Your Company Name]

SMS #2: New Arrivals Reminder

Hi [FirstName], just a quick heads up that we have some new arrivals! Check them out and don't forget to use your exclusive code NEWARRIVALS10 for a 10% discount on your purchase. Happy shopping!




You can curate and adjust the message and timing that would fit to your business. Testing and optimizing your campaigns based on your audience engagement and response. Don’t forget for email and SMS it is better to include your call-to-action all the time. Tell your subscribers what they need to do when they receive the email and SMS campaign from you.

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