A live chat is an online communication system that enables you and your website visitors to chat in real time.  In Taximail, you can take advantage of this feature by enabling it on BizChat.

This will help to address customer’s need convenience to real-time online communication. An amazing addition to customer care and being customer centric kind of business.

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Here are 7 Reasons To Consider Implementing Live Chat In Your Website

1. Real-time interaction with the customers

One of the many things of direct interaction is solving or answering the real-time questions of customers that can help resolve their issues or make their decision making to purchase more quickly.

Data from statista, Global customer live chat usage duration 2016-2022, Published by statista research, June 12, 2023.

Customer support live chats lasted on average 713 seconds (or 11 minutes and 53 seconds). This represented an increase compared to 2021, when live chats were approximately 45 seconds shorter.

Depending on your business, you can have many scenario. For an instance if you selling products in your website here are common situation the customers ask.

  • Want to know more about the product specifications
  • Having trouble finding a specific item on the website
  • Want to compare different products

Other questions of customers to live chat 

  • Asking about return policies
  • Want to report a bug or suggest service improvement
  • Check product status or order

Having the convenience of a live chat, the customers get the instant feedback that they need.


2. Live chat can save you money

This increase the efficiency when the agent can answer the customer immediately and multiple questions addressed in real-time. It can help to save product returns expenses as customer service chat can help the customer pick the right product or service that they are looking for. This help to close the sale faster. When the customer is satisfied it is less likely to return the product. This reduce the overall customer service desk cost by lowering the waiting queue time compare to a call center. The live implementation of a live chat takes only a few minutes with the help of your IT department. Just follow the instructions to use in your website.


3. Competitive advantage

When you have a business competition is very stiff and you have to think of ways to be in the game. Most of the e-commerce business have live chat support to provide real-time answers to customers rather than having customers leave a message to their website.

It actually does not matter if you are a small, med-size or and enterprise company. Live chat gives you a competitive advantage for your business in catering to customers real-time needs.


4. Conversion and sales

A positive customer experience can boost and lead to higher average oder value. Having someone to answer your inquiries in real time cuts out the doubt and shorten the decision making to buy a product or not. It gives confidence for the buyer having someone to ask just like they are in an in-store experience. Studies have have shown that live chat benefits increases conversion to 20%.

The key to success to achieving this kind of conversion is having your chat agents properly trained and expert in the product or service that you offered.

Chat Etiquettes for Chat Agents

  • Don’t keep the customer waiting
  • Use good grammar or polite language
  • Provide proper introduction
  • Be friendly and honest
  • Keep the chat positive
  • Stay on topic of inquiry/issue/purchase


5. Build a long-term customer relationship

Customers who feel taken care of are less concerned about the what they are paying. They are mostly likely to stay with your brand/company because they are satisfied with your service.

Studies shows that regular customers have the tendency to buy more products and that is less cost on your marketing team than acquiring a new customer. You have created loyal customers with recurrent payment if you are using a monthly service or product.

Having a positive interaction with you chat agents will make he customer feel they are on the right business to spend their money with. A human interaction in building a customer relationship is unparalleled. Even the rise of chatbot nothing beats a human connection. You can combine these effort of having a chatbot after off-hours and your chat agent can get back to the customer.


6. Provide support 24/7

Providing a 24 hrs support system can be unrealistic and costly for manpower.  However, this should not stop you from servicing your customers round the clock. The good news is you can combine chatbot with your live agents. Learn more of how you can leverage chatbot in your business.

With the right amount of formula combining this effort you can implement the chatbot to answer if there is no live chat agent available. The chatbot can answer the initial questions you can set when they key in keywords for inquiry. Examples such as what time you open, where is the location, what size available. Etc.


7. Improve your customer experience

The core of the business is to be customer centric. Without the customers products and services will not exist if there are no people buying or availing services. Sales and marketing professionals top priorities are to build lead generation programs, create demand, get as many traffic to the website and create online traction. All of which has single goal of having customers and build a relationship, this why customer experience is very important for any businesses.

A positive customer experience will yield the following result:

  • Increase in revenue
  • Create brand loyalty
  • Competitive advantage
  • Reduce churn rate
  • Increase customer LTV (life time value)
  • Minimize cost

Having a strong consumer experience strategy can greatly benefit any company.

As we know it is more expensive to get new customers instead if keeping them.

Investing time and resources to customers satisfaction are rewarded with the longer engagement and repeat customers. The word of mouth from your customers will be you traffic as well when they brag about how happy they are engaging with your brand or company. They have the power to recommend you, review your products and more.

If you are interested in how technology can help you manage your customer journey and improve customer experience do check out BizChat to fuel your business communication.

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