You’ve got mail

“You’ve got mail”, remember this epic movie when Meg Ryan fell in love with Tom Hanks over a bunch of constant emails to each other. It became the replacement of the classic snail mail.


Nuff said.....


"It had been replaced with tweets, FB messenger, and other social media, the communication has evolved since then. With this trend, many entrepreneurs believe that building a successful email marketing campaign is much more important than ever before."


But there is a problem; most people don’t know how to do it right.

Here are 3 best practices in making your email marketing


Under their roof

People are bombarded with so many emails from different people offering different things at once and other sales pitch. If you think you are special the reader might think otherwise. So if they let you in, it is important to know where you are and use your good manners.

Getting into the recipient’s inbox is like being invited into their home. If they ask you to take off your shoes, respectfully do so. This is the same as email marketing, simply remind yourself where you are and behave.




Ask for permission

An email campaign was not built without getting a permission. See which one works with you in getting your customers to opt-in. You can either offer a free download in exchange for their email or a promotional discount.

They will be asking themselves:

  • why would I give my email?
  • what do I get from it?
  • will you spam me?
  • how often will you email me?

With this in mind, you should have a clear purpose on why you are asking for an email address. This is where your call to action should be clear and spot on.




Managing expectations

Email marketing is about expectations and it's up to you how to set it. You should be consistent with any email campaign that you send out to yield a positive result.

If you promise an offer or a follow-up email, do so.

The value of your list will matter most in the future. Your customers will become your herd, they will become loyal customers. It only takes time and effort to do the best practices when it comes to email marketing.




After figuring out this 3 key success, you have to consider that email marketing can help you convert subscribers to customers if you manage well each email key element.



Most of the recipients are reading their email on mobile devices (smartphones and tablet) it's crucial that your email is responsive. Most of the email provider will offer you to preview and test your email whether it be on desktop or mobile.


Subject Line

The subject line becomes the first contact you will have with your subscribers. This is what going to push the recipient in opening your email. The subject line should explain clearly what is the purpose of your email marketing. 

  • Be specific and useful as possible
  • Personalize your subject line with a name or others personal information
  • Keep it short and stay under 60 characters
  • Stay away from using words like ''free'', ''discount'' ''offer'' etc. it will alter the spam filters.


Body content 

Make it visually attractive. Ensure the recipient will understand quickly the benefit of your email marketing content. you can eventually create a dynamic visual content for your email at the condition you test it before sending it out cause each email client has his own expectations. 


Call to action

Once the recipient opens your email marketing it's time to get him to take action:

If possible use button instead of a text link

Write action words implying the urgency ''Get started'', ''Read more'', ''Download''

You call to action should be clear and visible



Email analyst has noted that most email open rate happens around 10 to 11 am on weekdays. Anyway, you have to learn about your audience to identify properly how to reach them out. Think about their occupation and the time zone as well before sending out your email marketing campaign.


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