A/B Testing

Comparing multiple versions of email according to different factors such as subject line, call to action or images to see which one perform better. You can set how to determine the winner.

SPAM Diagnosis1

We go on a spam diagnosis according to 5 popular softwares: SpamAssassin, Trend Micro InterScan Messaging, Microsoft Exchange, Barracuda Spam Firewall and Symantec Email Security.cloud to ensure top deliverability.

Device Simulation Preview

Ensure the compatibility of your email content in any environment by previewing screenshots of your email through more than 30 devices and apps.

Boost performance with CDN

We choose the AWS CloudFront’s CDN which provides 51 edge locations in 5 continents. The edge servers are closer to the recipients and result in up to 4.5x faster downloads the email’s images.

1 The SPAM scores are based on the default configuration of each software.