Drag-and-Drop email creator

Drag and drop easily text, call to action, or block section. Upload and place your photo quickly then adjust and order your layout in few click. Finally use our tool to preview the result.


Personalize each email marketing sent by inserting dynamic text fields whether it be subscribers information, company informations or your own custom values.

Email template

Create your own email marketing template and  uploading your elements or pick one of our email templates we have created especially for you that you can even personalize as you wish.

Set a date and time to scheduling or repeatedly sending of email marketing campaigns. The campaigns will be sent out automatically.
Advanced HTML editing
Taximail doesn’t limit you to only make “visual” changes. We also enables developer to make more sophisticated changes by using the HTML syntax directly in HTML-code mode.
Beam email
Using your preferred email editor and send it to Beam email address for creating a campaign template to email instantly.
File attachment
Taximail gives you the ability to attach complete files1 in the campaign email. Files can be photographs, music, text, video, spreadsheets or almost any other recognized format.
1 Taximail allows you to attach up to 5 files with 5120KB per a campaign email.