Real-time Reports1

Obtain the valuable statistics immediately after sent out your email marketing campaign on desktop, tablet or smartphone wherever you are.

Demographic detection

Taximail will help you gather more sophisticated information about the recipients: Domain, Devices, Email clients, Geolocation and Read/Skimmed behavior.

Grouping transactional email

We allow you to group related emails together. For example, your "Welcome message" emails would be filed under the one group, whereas your "Invoice" emails would form another. Emails without a group are filed under "Default" in transactional reports.

Aggregated campaign reports

Just tag your campaign and get the aggregated campaign reports instantly. Monitoring the performance of continuous campaigns have never been easy like this.

In-depth result exporting

Export in few click the full detail of "Opens", "Clicks", "Bounces", "Unsubscribes" and "SPAM complaint" in Microsoft Excel format.

1 The campaign statistics will be archived after the 60 days after send out your campaign and the archived statistics will be stored for 5 years. But when your account was terminated (See Section 6: in Terms of Use), the archived statistics will be deleted immediately.